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Monday, November 24, 2014

"Lucky to be a Missionary"!

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was a blur. It really felt like just one long and very fast day.
To be honest since I've been in the office it all feels like a blur. I
feel like I've just been sprinting for the last 4 months straight.
It's a great feeling but it's exhausting. Not just physically but

The highlights this week were the metro training center days. Every
Tuesday and Friday we bring 3 sets of Elders and 3 sets of Sisters to
the downtown Tampa area, to the church building and we train them!
On... Everything. I mean everything! We train them on hygiene, on
social skills, on companionship unity, on using time wisely, facebook,
and especially working with members. We have such a good time role
playing all these skills and watching these missionaries grow.
President really understands that this is a 2 year training for life.
We need to increase baptisms and hasten the work, but to be honest
those will all come when God wants them to. We just need to be
diligent and dedicated. The real hastening is when we have kids and
they have kids and they all apply these things. We need to focus on
the missionaries changing! For life! So this is very fun. I have

learned so much! Mom, you of anyone know how bad I need to learn
hygiene haha!

But on top of that, Jia is sharing the gospel with her friends. We are
meeting with a couple of them and receive referrals daily, of people
she is going to work on. It's amazing. She is fitting right into the
ward. Today she asked me when I was going to give her a calling haha.
She s fantastic. Kayla needs some more friends, but is strong. She is
going back to New York in a few weeks but she is going to bring her
boyfriend to church?! I too often overlook these miracles. I also
think that too often we are trying to be perfect, and trying to

improve so much, that's it's never enough!  I think we are afraid
that we will waste too much time or be content with our current level

that we go over the top and miss out on some blessings. I'm really
trying to focus on the "balance". Of truly always working to improve,
but enjoying the ride, and ESPECIALLY the people.

Our ward is interesting. I've never really been in a YSA ward, and I kind
of like family wards better. Ha, but it's cool to see what these young
singles do right after their mission. There are some incredible men

and women who are extremely excited about sharing the gospel. As well
as people who are dedicated to their callings! And they're just 21! It
doesn't matter what age, the work of salvation works!! I love it. I've

met some incredible people. Michael did you ever serve in a YSA ward?

I will keep you in the loop of the upcoming investigators. Dominique
 one of them. She is very prepared and set a baptismal date of Dec.
7th! (She is the mom of the little black girl I took a picture with last week
 her name is Terri and her older sister is Tori).
She is a little shaky on keeping appointments but we told her this is
all or nothing and she's been good for the last spot and coming to
church so it's looking good!

I am so blessed. I am being tried and tested, I'm being lifted up and
sustained by my Father. What a blessing trials are. I received a
package this week and one of the pictures had written on it "you are

so lucky to be a missionary"!  I've always wanted to be a missionary"
that hit me so hard, and answered my prayers. I am so grateful. It's
not easy, I am realizing my weakness, without my weaknesses I
wouldn't get to know my Savior. Who has become my best friend. I

wouldn't want to spend a day without Him.

Better than that, I get to represent Him. And so do you. Please
represent Him well. Take heart! We are on the winning team. Let's find
someone this week who needs a true friend. And lift Him up.

I know my Savior Lives.

Be not afraid;only believe

Elder Stephen Nelson

Pictures of the week!

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