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Monday, December 1, 2014

God's Work and Glory

Dear Family and Friends:

This week was another blur. The week just blew by, and it's already
December???? Are you kidding me! It could not be flying by faster.

So one of the coolest parts of serving in a YSA Ward is we get to see all
the fresh returned missionaries from all around. Honestly it's so
humbling. Some have cars and plans, some have nothing! But they all
have a fire that's contagious. They love missionary work, they know
how important it is and they want to help so bad. It's amazing. They
love preach my gospel and apply it every day. With planning and goal
setting. I pray I can do all of that.

So we are really pushing centering missionary work in the ward. That
is what the prophets have wanted. In a perfect world the members would
find and invite and we would teach right? So that's what we are aiming for.
So we meet with members, and discuss their missionary work and come up
with a plan of how to improve it, we take names of their friends and
we come up with a plan of action of what we can do to bring them one
step closer to baptism and learning the restored gospel. We've
received more referrals than I can count. And it all comes from
sitting knee to knee and asking them if they really want to do this.
And also they realize it's their own work! And then we just follow up
and teach them when they are ready, at the same time of course we try
to invite everyone along the way!

This is our Member missionary work!

Speaking of we are baptizing Dominique on Saturday! She is preparing
for that day. We taught her the word of wisdom and she was a little
troubled at tea and coffee of course but she hasn't drank is since!
And it is because she told us she knows it's truly a commandment! What
a testimony! She is keeping all the commandments. She is super cool,
and we found her as Elder Hawkes was buying some shoes at champs!
How crazy is that!?

So this week was a a little different. We switched thanksgiving to P
day, and scheduled district meeting on that day So we got to hang out
with some other missionaries and just kinda enjoy the day. It is was
the best thanksgiving of my life. The freestones are honestly some of
my best friends. They insisted we come all day! And MOM THANK YOU FOR
SUGGESTING THAT PIE! I felt so connected to home! 3 other elders came
too, and we all just Hun out with the freestones. We played
scattegories and played football outside. It was one of the best days
but also the best thanksgiving.

The Freestones family with the Elders on Thanksgiving!

The highlight of my week though, was visiting palm harbor ward on
Sunday. Jacqui and Jia live over there so they went to that ward and
Jacqui brought another friend to church. So we went to meet her. Holy
Cow, i have never felt more love. I was swarmed by people I loved! The
young men and parents, and people I served with. It was amazing. Most
incredible was that the people I baptized, were still going strong! There is
a group of 4 ( sometimes 5 ) converts who stick together and just love
to share and live the gospel! They are so powerful. It hit me like a
ton of bricks how the work was hastening there. One of the recent
converts I taught there went to the temple and received her endowment.
One of Elder Peters' converts who went less active is returning! One of
the less actives I was working wih came and brought his kids!! Plus we
scheduled an appointment with a great new friend of Jacqui! I was so,
beside myself with joy. It was the best day and week. I've begun to
realize what this work is all about, Gods work and Glory, missionary
work is not a system, or a program. It's his children. It's the
people. I have made lifelong acquaintances and friends, who i helped
but most importantly they strengthen me. I never want to stop or quit
because I know they love me. This is he essence of the gospel.

Palm Harbor Ward Friends!

I love Gods tender Mercy. So let's get to work! Not for quotas, but
for children, and friends and families, I know these people all love
God, even if they have forgotten. We all miss our father. Let us help
one other return back to His arms. I know He lives.

This is Elder Healy from Provo.  He is the second counselor in the Mission Presidency.
Such a good man!

Be Not Afriad;Only Believe

Elder Stephen Nelson

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