We welcome all to follow along as Elder Nelson shares with us his experiences as a full time missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These are truly they best 2 years FOR his life!

Monday, November 25, 2013

On Line Proselyting

The following is the email we received from President Cusick regarding On line Proselyting. It is followed by Elder Nelson's weekly letter.  Thanks for your love and prayers on behalf of our missionary!  We love and appreciate you all!

Regarding:  Elder Nelson
Your missionary has been selected to participate in online proselyting.  This means that he/she will be spending time each day using Facebook to do missionary work.  Only missionaries who have shown exact obedience to mission rules will be allowed to do online proselyting.  This is a wonderful opportunity that will bless the life of your missionary and the people he/she reaches through the Internet. 
Your missionary’s Facebook page will be a tool for missionary work in the Tampa Florida mission.  It is not to be used for communication with friends or family.  We have asked your missionary not to make or accept friend requests from family members or friends back home. The only exception to this is that they may invite parents and siblings to be Facebook friends.  This is so you can see what your missionary is doing and assist in missionary work by answering questions and becoming friends with those he/she is teaching.  It is not for you to use to communicate with your missionary.  Please do not post to your missionary’s timeline or make comments or use Facebook messaging or any other Internet tools to communicate with your missionary.  All of your communication with your missionary should still be done using his/her @myldsmail.net email account on preparation day.  This is necessary to keep your missionary focused on the work and not distracted by non-missionary communication.  If families cannot abide by these rules, your missionary may be required to un-friend you or may lose the privilege of online proselyting.  We are asking you to be obedient just like your missionary so he/she can receive the blessings and miracles that come from obedience.
Thank you for sending us such a fine missionary.  We love them.
President Mark D. Cusick
Florida Tampa Mission

Dear Family,

I really am soooooo excited for your new callings... this is the most important work in the world, and you two are in the middle of it! for now you guys can just create a plan! unless you already have one?? man, dad should talk to our current ward mission leader for our ward! He's amazing and we work with him A TON! what are the missioanries names? where are they from? did bryce just not want to keep going? i think he just likes being in shape :) haha i tell everyone out here how much of a stud he is so its okay:) haha. those ladies haha sis manwaring was sitting next to me at dinner last night! and did sister ball and ashley ball add you too? man they are so cool! we taught one of their friends in their home last night! they have the cutest family! ha sis manwaring found you and said "wow she is beautiful!" thought you would like to know that ;) for thanksgiving we are going to the freestones and the lewis' and then christmas we are going to the Belisles and the giboneys :) ha so excited! I heard you talked to sister belisle this week! how did that go??  :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER and her fam. we are going there for dinner tonight! 
also president cusick and i are beginning to talk more (not much) but more, and I feel i am understanding truely why he is here in the mission im serving in. He is truely an inspired man, and most of all he is an obedient man to his Lord. It reminds me of how obedient the prophet joseph had to be and how the prophets and apostles now have to be and are! also he said to me and sis manwaring last night how much support I really have... and wow... I do have so much support... so many ppl praying for me and helping me and writing me and wow.. i am just almost brought to tears realizing how lucky I am to have an army behind me to fall on if I ever lose fire! THANK YOU! I am so grateful to you mom, the whole family and everyone else! 
This week was incredible! we started out rocky! (after the hess's getting baptized and moving) we kinda were at a loss for work and not quite sure where we needed to be and what we needed to do! but we prayed and prayed and prayed and stayed obedient stiving to wake up and study and listen to the spriit having faith the lord would help us find ppl... well now we have 3 progressing investigators, the ward is helping us so much and loves having us over for dinner! and we just testify of missionary work! they are beginning to catch the vision and the wave! 

We taught the mother of a Less active recent convert who wants to stop smoking but SO interested and ready to learn! we taught one of the members good friends who is young but ready to really find out what is in this life that will bring him ture happiness he will SO get baptized once he really sets his mind! and the friend of a young girl in the ward who is hungry to learn more of God and what he wants to do for us and she came to the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints for that knowledge. She is truely prepared!!! I got down on my knees... humbled... because the Lord kept his promise. as he always does, and i realized how unworthy for it i really was.

The miracles that have happened are just the beginning of what is to come! Elder Shupe and I are working together, hard to become obedient and qualify for more miracles, cleansing our hearts of all ungodliness and become truely converted! I am sorry i cannot write more. But there is a spirit hovering over south tampa, one that is sparking a fire of testimony! and desire to do right! I love this work... I love my lord and savior Jesus Christ! I know he lives!
Elder Nelson
Be not Afraid; Only Believe
P.s. today we received an email that we have been picked to begin online prosyliting on facebook! in the coming week or two that will begin! I will keep you updated! Now is the time for us the Hasten this Work!

Monday, November 18, 2013

On, On to Victory

GUTEN TAG! wie geht es dir?? 
( in honor of my new ties to germany from sister hess!)

This week was a test of faith, but one that DID NOT DISAPPOINT! We struggled all week to find appointments to teach people, and to be busy but the one thing we held on to was our faith. Faith the miracles were coming. WE are told that exact obedience brings miracles? Well we are not perfect, but we are perfect in our desires and effort to do HIS will. All week we had almost nothing to do. The meetings with other missionaries and interviews just kept pushing us through the week. The spirit was just saying, keep going, there is a miracle on its way. And I knew it would be the baptism. 

I will share an experience about one night tho. On Friday night we usually play basketball at the church but currently the church is under some construction. So we spent time with Brother Chapman, ( one of the members who I am extremely clsoe with) getting greceries and things we needed. We came home and ate lunch. I was feeling rather discouraged feeling like we had not done much to help out the work in our area. But I felt we still could... So Elder Shupe and I knelt down together, ask for forgiveness and jsut as joseph did. We asked in faith. Pleading to Him our desire to serve, but expressing our lack of wisdom and knowledge of how or where to go... so we prayed and stood up and walked out the door (not knowing beforehand the thigns that we should do ;) but we just walked, and I just was waiting... so afraid to open my mouth but willing! and in my mind over and over I felt the spirit saying SOMEONE will listen to you, someone out here tonight will listen... 

well we walked a good mile and sat down it was almost nine o clock by then and kinda looked at each other and said... well? guess we will go home... holding out in my heart a prayer. KNOWING A MIRACLE COULD STILL HAPPEN! and would :) I was just trying so hard to listen to the promptings... I was playing in my mind stories I have heard of missionary miracles late at night hoping we could have one... well right before we turned into our complex we noticed a man waiting at the bus stop... ha :) I knew that was him... told elder Shupe, hey lets go talk to that guy:) so we did... said hello tried to start up friendly conversation and didnt go so well... so I just offered my hand and told him if we could do anythign for him to let us know. he thought we were from a business but i told him no! Missionaries! And he was curious and I explained to him our beliefs.. the most imcredible part was the spirit gave me the words, that the "Fullness of Christ's gospel" was restored to the earth... he repeated out those words and said alright... ill call you guys. and then the bus came... I gave him a book of mormon and he got on the bus and left.

Nothing will probably come from it, but it doesn't matter... Elder Shupe and I were beaming... a day that potential was nothing, changed into one where we listened to the spirit and acted in faith... and now we were successful. The gospel was sounded in that mans ear. 

This is what I testify of... when we desire to do the will of the Lord, and live lives worthy of his spirit all we must do is act on the faith we have. There is joy and peace and CONFIDENCE that comes with that!

The baptism was one of the most incredible experiences ever... sis Hess and Lukas and Maria! A woman elder Langi and I found at a gas station (who the sister started to teach) were all baptized in the ocean! The member who referred and fellowshipped sis hess spoke and I felt the pericing joy that filled her soul know SHE was an instrument! And her husband the man who invited Ian to come play basketball stood by me as we watched Bro hess baptize his wife. The spirit that filled me was indescribable and on sunday when I had the HONOR to confirm them members, overcome me... how could a soul, so rebelious and proud as mine... be blessed to help these people, and become such great friends. ONLY in the name of christ... "there is no other way or means whereby man can saved only in and through Christ." 
Elder Langi and I and along with all the hess boys justine and aiden (the twins) and lukas all sang I am a child of God and that touched my heart. 

After we were done confirming the newest members of the ward... i jsut sat back in my chair... looked around at these faithful new members... making covenants and this ward with familes and jobs and things they need to do who are working so hard to hasten this work, the other missionaries who like me miss their families and friends so much... and I just cried... I was just overcome with the spirit... I KNOW without a doubt, with a great certainty the the Savior Jesus Christ lives. And He leads this work... I know that is true. I give my witness... and ask the Angels above to record it, (d and c 62:3) that I know and will give my life to Him who created us. I know he is there, i know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Lords kingdom on the earth, that the book of Mormon was given to us to bring us closer to our Savior and to know for ourselves withersover we should go. It is all through Christ.  I love this work, I love this place, I love this people and will go where he wants me to go, I will do what he wants me to do, I will be who he wants me to be. I am afraid at times, I lack knowledge, I am young, but I know He will help. To everyone I say (d and c 128) Shall we not go on with so great a cause? Go Forward, not Backward. COURAGE,BRETHREN! and on, on to the victory! 
Malo Aupito

Elder Nelson
Be Not Afraid; Only Believe

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

D & C 6:34

(Even though Nelson and Langi are no longer companions. This is a cool picture)

Mom! I bet time out for women was fantastic! It sounds so awesome! :) you need to do more stuff like that! But wow im jealous that sounds so good! It makes me think of when we have district meeting and zone meeting and conference and stuff! I just want them to last forever and just soak in the spirit that is there! But the point of them is to strengthen us to take more action! That is the hard part! So my question for you is what is your plan of action because of what you felt!! :)  I sent bryce a letter today and some pictures home with it! Also you should be getting a letter today or tomorrow :)! but it was a good week let me tell you about it!

So, this week in the Florida Tampa Mission, things are definately about to pick up. And i see the miracles. They are so amazing and many times I sit back and ask myself, why in the world am I the one recieving these blessings? Why do I get to be a part of this... there are so many other missionaries who work harder or have been through more... idk but it humbles me. That along with the fear that sets in every day when I look at the immense call that rests on my shoulders... the fear of what I am asked to do, and what I have committed to do. At times, I feel weak, inadequate, and alone. Very alone. When it is just me... training a new incredible missionary when I am extremely new myself. And i know when I walk out that door, it will be on my shoulders... it is scary. And I dont always fulfill the role I am asked to... in fact many many times I fall painfully short. And I get to the end of the day and ask him to forgive my unworthy and weak soul... and tell him I will keep going. I realize that, THAT right there is faith. The faith to keep going! FAith that I WILL eventually become all that I am suppose to be. FAITH that MY Savior lives and is carrying me! and that is what brings these miracles. I know of a certainty that I am nothing, as for my strength I am weak. But what I also know to be true is that all we need is a worthy heart and willing hands. And he will make us what he will. So the scripture today is: Fear not little flock; do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are built upon my rock , they cannot prevail. I know that that is true. The little flock is all who believe... all who desire to do HIS will, and yet give into our weakness...and feel satan win our will... it burdens me down so deeply and yet the INSTANT we repent we are clean and in line with him! I say to all who wish to do missionary work, but are afraid? Do not be afraid, have faith to keep tryin... faith to try and fail and keep going! It will happen! My last companion told me over and over again, Elder Nelson the Holy Ghost is not a spirit of discouragement or depression, but one of upliftment and confidence!! Always! :)
This last week, we planned the baptism for the Hess's and they were interviewed and found worthy to make that commitment. Also an investigator who we found a few months ago, who the sisters now teach, is getting baptized with them this saturday! We are so close to Hess's and they are so excited! I know that they were prepared for this and are using their agency to accept this restored gospel... I know without a doubt that this gospel is restored and that of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And along with Elder Nelson of the quorum of the 12, " I love him, I testify of him, and express my everlasting gratitude for him. Now. and Forevermore."

Elder Stephen Nelson
Be Not AFraid; Only Believe

p.s. something super super cool that happened this week that really helped me actually was on tuesday or wednesday... we got a call from a man who we helped do some yard work... he told us that the Piano Guys were coming to town and they said that the missionaries could come listen to their sound check and meet them all...... SO WE DID!!! AND OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO CRAZY! I would send pictures but i forgot my camera :/ elder langi has a ton tho i will get some and send em asap... it was crazy... during the one where they take off the top and like play the strings of the piano for like the" what makes you beautifu"l one? we all got on stage (there was no one in the aditorium mind you :) but we all watched them from like right there and sang with them and MAN! IT WAS CRAZY! and then us missionaries sang to all of them! then we all said a prayer for them! and langi said it and made John Schmidt cry (cuz he wasnt feeling good ) but they all served missions and they hugged us all and man... it was just sooo cool!! the chelloist gave us a peice of string from his bowe :) and we got their autographs :)!! man... the coolest thing ever!

Monday, November 4, 2013

New Companion

MAAAAAAN :) what a week!:) 

So, saying goodbye to everyone with Elder Langi was suuuuper hard. They really really loved him so deeply. He taught them and left them with his deepest love and now I have a great example to live up to! I feel that with his example of how to really love people out here... and my drive and Elder Shupes drive to work hard, we can really make a difference here! 

Elder Bradly Shupe is from Flagstaff ARIZONA!! 
he's 18! :) and he plays sports and comes from a yours mine and ours family. 
He was one signiture away from the army but felt he needed to go on a mission instead! and also he had knee surgery on his meniscus 3 weeks ago! A week before the mtc he had it! What a beast!!!!

We've already taught like 3 lessons together! He has a great testimony!! :) 
We now have 8 missionaries in our ward... 2... to 8... pretty overwhelming at first but SOOOO awesome! WE are hastening the work and the ward is eating it up! They are all sooo ready and willing to work! WE have a great investigator named Amy who wants to get baptized and the hess's on the 16th... man... I am just blown away... idk what or why or how The Lord is allowing me to receive these blessings but my deepest desires right now and forever are just to be a worthy instrument in his hands. It is truely the happiest thing that could happen to us. I know my savior lives. and is real... and he is qualifying me and guiding me. Mom i love you so much. your love is saving me and helping me so much. If you ever need anything just text sis hess! or sis giboney! We talk to them daily! they are soo willing !:) Ive got to go! :) talk to you soon!

Elder Nelson

Be NOT Afraid!; Only Believe!

Tell karson i love him and keep me updated!! and  cant wait for bryce to get his patriarchal blessing!!