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Monday, November 4, 2013

New Companion

MAAAAAAN :) what a week!:) 

So, saying goodbye to everyone with Elder Langi was suuuuper hard. They really really loved him so deeply. He taught them and left them with his deepest love and now I have a great example to live up to! I feel that with his example of how to really love people out here... and my drive and Elder Shupes drive to work hard, we can really make a difference here! 

Elder Bradly Shupe is from Flagstaff ARIZONA!! 
he's 18! :) and he plays sports and comes from a yours mine and ours family. 
He was one signiture away from the army but felt he needed to go on a mission instead! and also he had knee surgery on his meniscus 3 weeks ago! A week before the mtc he had it! What a beast!!!!

We've already taught like 3 lessons together! He has a great testimony!! :) 
We now have 8 missionaries in our ward... 2... to 8... pretty overwhelming at first but SOOOO awesome! WE are hastening the work and the ward is eating it up! They are all sooo ready and willing to work! WE have a great investigator named Amy who wants to get baptized and the hess's on the 16th... man... I am just blown away... idk what or why or how The Lord is allowing me to receive these blessings but my deepest desires right now and forever are just to be a worthy instrument in his hands. It is truely the happiest thing that could happen to us. I know my savior lives. and is real... and he is qualifying me and guiding me. Mom i love you so much. your love is saving me and helping me so much. If you ever need anything just text sis hess! or sis giboney! We talk to them daily! they are soo willing !:) Ive got to go! :) talk to you soon!

Elder Nelson

Be NOT Afraid!; Only Believe!

Tell karson i love him and keep me updated!! and  cant wait for bryce to get his patriarchal blessing!! 

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