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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

D & C 6:34

(Even though Nelson and Langi are no longer companions. This is a cool picture)

Mom! I bet time out for women was fantastic! It sounds so awesome! :) you need to do more stuff like that! But wow im jealous that sounds so good! It makes me think of when we have district meeting and zone meeting and conference and stuff! I just want them to last forever and just soak in the spirit that is there! But the point of them is to strengthen us to take more action! That is the hard part! So my question for you is what is your plan of action because of what you felt!! :)  I sent bryce a letter today and some pictures home with it! Also you should be getting a letter today or tomorrow :)! but it was a good week let me tell you about it!

So, this week in the Florida Tampa Mission, things are definately about to pick up. And i see the miracles. They are so amazing and many times I sit back and ask myself, why in the world am I the one recieving these blessings? Why do I get to be a part of this... there are so many other missionaries who work harder or have been through more... idk but it humbles me. That along with the fear that sets in every day when I look at the immense call that rests on my shoulders... the fear of what I am asked to do, and what I have committed to do. At times, I feel weak, inadequate, and alone. Very alone. When it is just me... training a new incredible missionary when I am extremely new myself. And i know when I walk out that door, it will be on my shoulders... it is scary. And I dont always fulfill the role I am asked to... in fact many many times I fall painfully short. And I get to the end of the day and ask him to forgive my unworthy and weak soul... and tell him I will keep going. I realize that, THAT right there is faith. The faith to keep going! FAith that I WILL eventually become all that I am suppose to be. FAITH that MY Savior lives and is carrying me! and that is what brings these miracles. I know of a certainty that I am nothing, as for my strength I am weak. But what I also know to be true is that all we need is a worthy heart and willing hands. And he will make us what he will. So the scripture today is: Fear not little flock; do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are built upon my rock , they cannot prevail. I know that that is true. The little flock is all who believe... all who desire to do HIS will, and yet give into our weakness...and feel satan win our will... it burdens me down so deeply and yet the INSTANT we repent we are clean and in line with him! I say to all who wish to do missionary work, but are afraid? Do not be afraid, have faith to keep tryin... faith to try and fail and keep going! It will happen! My last companion told me over and over again, Elder Nelson the Holy Ghost is not a spirit of discouragement or depression, but one of upliftment and confidence!! Always! :)
This last week, we planned the baptism for the Hess's and they were interviewed and found worthy to make that commitment. Also an investigator who we found a few months ago, who the sisters now teach, is getting baptized with them this saturday! We are so close to Hess's and they are so excited! I know that they were prepared for this and are using their agency to accept this restored gospel... I know without a doubt that this gospel is restored and that of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And along with Elder Nelson of the quorum of the 12, " I love him, I testify of him, and express my everlasting gratitude for him. Now. and Forevermore."

Elder Stephen Nelson
Be Not AFraid; Only Believe

p.s. something super super cool that happened this week that really helped me actually was on tuesday or wednesday... we got a call from a man who we helped do some yard work... he told us that the Piano Guys were coming to town and they said that the missionaries could come listen to their sound check and meet them all...... SO WE DID!!! AND OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO CRAZY! I would send pictures but i forgot my camera :/ elder langi has a ton tho i will get some and send em asap... it was crazy... during the one where they take off the top and like play the strings of the piano for like the" what makes you beautifu"l one? we all got on stage (there was no one in the aditorium mind you :) but we all watched them from like right there and sang with them and MAN! IT WAS CRAZY! and then us missionaries sang to all of them! then we all said a prayer for them! and langi said it and made John Schmidt cry (cuz he wasnt feeling good ) but they all served missions and they hugged us all and man... it was just sooo cool!! the chelloist gave us a peice of string from his bowe :) and we got their autographs :)!! man... the coolest thing ever!

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