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Monday, October 28, 2013

He will qualify who he calls

This week in the Florida Tampa Mission and especially Tampa 1 (my area) things are going crazy... 

It's hard to talk about because of how deep my feelings and emotions are here. But Elder Langi is being transfered and I am recieving a companion from the MTC. Serving with Elder Langi has been the greatest time of my life. He is one of the most honorable men I have met along with my Brothers and Father. I tell all who read this, that This man is not going to do small things. I know that My Lord loves me, for allowing me to be taught and learn from one of his elect. He has so much love and wisdom of the basic and fudamental things of the gospel. His testimony is simple and yet so strong. He has shown me what missionary work is really about. Shown me that every soul is great and that we must forget ourselves. He has shown me how to overcome our own faults and mistakes and allow the savior to save us and serve in return. We have done so much incredible work together and he is my brother. We just were a team and served the best we knew how. It's now time for change, but I will always cherish these times! He has left his mark on the Tampa First ward and we are all changed becasue of him. What a disciple. 

On Tuesday we will meet at the Temple Terrace Building at 11 where we will have a training meeting for President Cusick to speak to all the new trainers. Then all the missionaries will find out their new proselyting areas and compaions and I will meet my trainee! I am so excited to find out who it is! I am nervous but i know that this will bring me closer to my Father in Heaven. I know that this is what is right for this time in the mission. We will also be getting at least two more sets of missionaries in our ward! And our zone is now BIGGER! And these changes are across the whole mission!! Our new Ward mission leader is absolutely incredible and I KNOW that the hastening of the work is beginning in the Tampa First Ward! I know it! 

We spent a lot of great time with our family the Hess's they are getting ready to be baptized and they LOVE!! love love church! Their kids always get excited for church and they always remind us to pray and they are GOLDEN! They are unfortunately moving at the end of November to a new ward, but they will be baptized here! Elder Langi and I are so close with them and they love us too! Man... I am just filled this week and today. I know that Christ is the Leader of His work and Heavenly Father is blessing his children! I am excited for this fresh start and my new compaion and I can really work hard here in the Lord's vineyard! I love all of you and bare my testimony that the Savior lives and that this IS the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! Invite all to come to him! 

Be not afraid; Only Believe

Elder Nelson

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