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Monday, October 21, 2013

We are only instruments

SO!!! This week was just a week of miracles. AS EVERY WEEK IS!

We had two great lessons with a part member family the HESS's! They are so ready and their dad is ready to progress in the priesthood! They have given up their old ways and have jumped on the road to CONVERSION!:) they were scheduled for this saturday for baptism but they need a couple more lessons and will be ready probably sometime in november:)! She is from Germany and they've made me fall in love with it! They are big soccer fans and now i am all for GERMANY!:)  Sis Hess cooks for us ALL THE TIME!!! WE have some schnitzel and Brotwerzt and german cheesecake and ITS SOOO BOMB!! Langi and I LOVE!!! going over there and there two sons (twins) call us the two mans with the same first name and they think we are brothers! Their father (who is a DIIIEEEE HARD BRONCOS FAN!) was explaining to us how if it wasnt Me and Elder Langi who were here at this time they would have never wanted to come... such a testimony to me that the Lord sends us where HE needs us. I know that Christ is leading us and this work. Wherever we are!! They come to church EVERY week and LOVE IT! :) I don't know why we are so blessed here... we have had soo much success... i am so unworthy of all of it. We have just been showered by love from our Lord and I am just in awe of the miracles... HUGE MIRACLES!! 

This last saturday we had a baptism for the McLeans. They were contacted by Elder Waite back in JANUARY and he had been working with them EVER SINCE! Elder Langi and Him made some huge progress with them just before I came into the area and then Elder Waite went down south. While I was here they seemed to become less and less interested. So, we just occasionally visited them. They were going through some family issues and ended up moving. They came to church A LOT! and then we helped them move! We met with them a couple of times and then one night... madison texted us about something and mentioned that they wanted to get baptized... the next day we talked to Dana and she said now that they have moved and settled down... she thought it was time. WE WERE BLOWN AWAY and Elder Waite could not contain his LOVE FOR THEM! HE CALLED US EVERY NIGHT ASKING IF IT WAS STILL HAPPENING! so it went on! And saturday we met at the beach and laid some blankets down and had a violinist (Sister Agster the sweetest lady ever) play the hymns and it was honestly a beautiful sight to see and the spirit was SO STRONG! and to top it off Elder Langi and I prepared a musical number, we sang love at home on the ukulele... it was amazing!

I hope that we can still qualify for the miracles to come, and that the hastening of the work continues to press forward and those souls who are ready to be found and to join with us can be found and progress and receive the fullness of the gospel... The Lord will do this work, we just need to be clean, worthy and ready. Just invite and do our part... clean our instruments and let him play the song of redeeming love through us. I know my Savior lives and loves us. I know I am never alone. I know that this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ no matter who are where you are. 

Elder Nelson

Be Not Afraid; Only Believe

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