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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's Cold

Dear Famiy and Friends:

So this morning going to the gym we could see our breath! It's
freezing, the low was like 49 and he high is 70! It feels like Utah!
(that's freezing?  he has already forgotten what freezing feels like haha!)

But I love this weather, and this state of Florida, I really have come
to love it. Not going to lie, in Tampa there are a lot of people, who
are.... Lost... Spiritually, and physically. they literally walk the
streets and look like they are very very lost. But these members, and
the friends they bring us to teach are incredible. Some, like Jia, are
beginning to be so strong, they are an example to me. In 6 weeks she
has finished through Mosiah. She invites people to church and to every
week! She manages her time so well, and is in like every club at
Univeristy of South Florida, and in business honors society, and works
and still comes to church and activities! She is our best friend. It 
will be so hard for Elder Hawkes and I to say goodbye, hopefully that
day doesn't come soon.
Dominique didn't come to church... And hasn't called or texted us back...
So pray for her, more news on her next week. She set a baptismal date
for Nov 16th and says she was looking for a better church and found
the TRUE church. So we don't want to lose her..,

Kayla Cancel is an all star! She is getting baptized this Sunday!

Zaida is Kaylas roommate and she was up and down this week. We had a 
very intense lesson with her and she said she didn't want to talk but
two nights ago she had a very rough night and actually got burned! 
Some pretty bad ones. She fell in a bonfire. Well. we went and visited
her with a couple great members ( Adam and Jackie who have become such
great friends ) and we gave her a blessing. It was incredible, the
spirit was extremely strong. The words were amazing, and afterwards
she said she wanted to start meeting again! Just another miracle that
makes all of this so worth it.
I love these people. I really do. I have been studying so diligently
the life of the Savior. I want to know Him so badly. Elder Hallstrom
spoke at a CES devotional and the YSA institute had it broadcast and
all the kids got to go so, we brought Jia and watched it. It was so good. He
talked about how we must build our foundation. And how whenever we
disobey a commandment that shakes our foundation. When we do not
listen to the counsel of the prophets, our foundation is weaker. He
also spoke of how when he met The prophet in person he told him he
loved him. So. then Elder Hallstrom went home and read his biography so
diligently because it was now someone he knew loved him and who he
loved, then he realized when we sin and the Savior forgives us and
helps us repent, the same should happen, that is him telling us he
loves us. So. I am trying to read the Saviors biography. I love him, I
wish I could be there with the original 12 in that upper room, when
the Savior told all of them not to forget about Him and keep it going,
But I realize instead of being there that evening I am walking the
same path he and his disciples walked. I know Him, and get to know Him
more every day because I am a Disciple.

I've learned this week that God gave us his commandments to show his
love, so now I love commandments.
I dedicate my entire life to this work. It is the only thing that TRULY
matters. So what are you doing to build His kingdom.

Family don't forget, 1 person before June. How is the Kolob 7th ward mission?

" it's a simple thing he asks, a worthy heart and willing hands"

Please join me in this work.

Be not afraid; only believe
Elder Stephen Nelson

Other pictures from this past week!
 I miss this boy!
 This is the place where they got smoothies.
 Blowing Mom a kiss
Smoothie time!

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