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Monday, October 27, 2014


Hello Everyone!

(Below I posted some additional pictures Elder Nelson sent home this week.)

This week, the only way to describe it is, I know that I am nothing.
As for my strength I am weak.

So much happened this week! I had to take an old companion to the
airport, he is going home to get surgery. But being with him and
talking about his mission and our service together I realize how much his and
my life has changed. I realize how good of a friend he was to me. And
how important this service is. Only on the battlefield of missionary
work can you make friends like this. It was hard to say goodbye and
watch him get on a plane but it was a time to celebrate his service as

I think it will be easiest if I just name our investigators and
explain their progress. I want you to know that I love each of these
people dearly.

Jia - absolutely solid. She brought her little brother to church this
Sunday. She talks about her baptism to everyone! She cannot wait, she
knows all of this is true, and she shares it with everyone! We meet
another one of her friends every weekend! Even tonight we are having
dinner with one of her friends. Elder Hawkes and I love her so much.
If we came here and only met and baptized her, it would all be worth
it. But how great is our joy that we get to bring many!

Kayla, Liz, and Zaida - so Kayla is the one from New York been taught
everything! Ready for baptism. She brought her friend Zaida into the
church and we are teaching her, Moshe is a little slower with
progression, but she is showing her faith. Her heart is opening up to
the spirit as she prays.  Liz, just came to church yesterday with
these two! And a guy named Adam who is a member drives like 35 mins to
pick them up and then 20 miles from their place to the church. Such a stud.
All three of them are investigating the church! It's such a miracle
after church yesterday we taught them and Liz agreed to test it. To
find out if it is true! I cannot believe the hastening of the work.

T - he is struggling a little bit, he wants it but is distracted
with other things. We will let the lord work on him a little more,
pray for him.

Dominique - she has two little girls, been teaching her for a week.
She left out of town this weekend so we hoped to stay in contact with
her. Well, we taught her the basic restoration and then gave her a
pamphlet to read, and texted her a couple days later, and she replied
and said. " I read it twice, and I really really prayed, and I believe
it's true" she then said how she believes that God and Jeaus Christ
appeared to Joseph Smith to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ so
we all can be saved! I. Was. Floored.

We are meeting with her tomorrow and hopefully rescheduling her first
saving ordinance.

I testify of the truth, I know Christ lives and guides this church,
I'm seeing it happen.

Sunday - we got another 6 or 7 referrals... The work is exploding!
Just to give a brief status of the mission. I think I mentioned this
but we received 760 referrals. More than we have received In a week in
15 months. We have instructed all missionaries to pull people out of
classes for a few minutes and to grab them in the halls and one on one
discuss how the missionaries can help the members with their missionary
work. To CHANGE is working.

So for you! Family. What are you doing to change? If we always do what
we always did, then we will always get what we always got. So, we have
to do it different. I learned a lot this week. I learned this isn't my
mission. I'm not here to get baptisms, I'm not here to find people for
me. I'm here to assist these people in their own missionary work. Not
mine. Missionaries come to support the ward and members. It's not
about collecting people for us to be busy, it's YOUR MISSIONARY WORK!
We are changing things from the old way and do everything by the book.
President has taught us that if we always do it by the book then we
will always be right, and we will always be doing it the way the
prophet wants.

My perspective has changed dramatically. My role is to teach those
that members find for us. I have been street contacting one time since I
was transferred. We encourage all missionaries to not go try to do it
themselves. How selfish. That is wrong. We are called to assist, and lift
and guide the members, so members! Mom and dad! Please do this, go to
the handbook, find your role and follow it!

I want to hasten the work. Because I love Jesus Christ, I want to see
him, and tell him, Yes master, I saw the vision, I understood it and I
did all I could to help people change. I do not want to tell him, "no 
I feared man more than God, I did not stand up and try to help the
change." So please, assist me in this change.

I promise you, there is someone right now in your Ward who if they
knew you really loved them, they would come back to church. You could
help save their soul. Go find them. Let us all work to build the ward.

I love Missionary work.

Be not afraid;Only Believe

Elder Stephen Nelson
Not sure who these missionaries are but it must be p-day

Elder Nelson said he cut his finger with a kitchen knife!  No telling what he was doing. I am just grateful he hasn't had anything worse happen!  Ouch Charlie, that hurts!!

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