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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Lords approval

Hello friends and family,

This week in Florida was fantastic. We saw so many miracles, and
watched as the Lord did his work through us. We gained three new
golden investigators.

Last week we went to the mall, and in one of the stores Elder Hawkes
just gave a bold invitation to the cashier. All he said was hey, we
teach a special message about Jesus Christ can we share it with you
sometime? Well, we set it up and she actually came! She drove all the
way to the church, and brought one of her adorable daughters!

Then yesterday she came to church and loved it. She is working to wrap
her head around the new doctrine, but she likes it, and she loves how
her daughters love it. They are 5 and 2. We have two upcoming lessons
with her. Please pray for Dominique.

The other two are friends. We found out there is a girl who goes to
school at the Univeristy of Tampa, which is a beautiful campus by the
way. Her name is Kayla, she was taught all the lessons in  New York
and was never baptized. She has been living all the commandments and
just never was able to come to church. Well we met with her and are
working towards baptism, but she brought her friend to the lesson!
This friend actually has wanted to come to the lessons 3 times in a
row and all three times, last minute backed out for some reason, well
this was obviously the adversary. Just two days ago we met with them, and as
we taught about the plan of salvation she was in tears and she loved
it. Came to church and loved it.

Jia has no fear, invited a friend to church and he came! She is
so excited for her baptism and invites everyone! Because of the things
we are practicing, in the mission the mission has received more
referrals in the last two weeks than the last two years, the lord is
hastening his work.

I don't have as much time, but I just want to remind you of two things.

One, don't forget to remind yourself of your sacrifices, don't forget
to let the approval of your Father in Heaven fill your heart, that is
his love. That is the best feeling ever. Thank you for being

Two, pick one thing you want to improve on and dedicate yourself,
please find someone to invite, to truly love and help. Dedicate
yourself to loving that person and forget yourself.

I wish and pray I could have the same charity that Christ had. But I'm
trying, and I know it will come.

I know Christ lives. I know I have been called to represent Him,
please remember your baptismal covenants and live true to them.
Remember that means you promised to invite!

Be not afraid;Only believe

Elder Stephen Nelson

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