We welcome all to follow along as Elder Nelson shares with us his experiences as a full time missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These are truly they best 2 years FOR his life!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I thank Thee oh God for a Prophet

Dear Family and Friends:

This week was another great learning experience. I'm being stretched
more than I ever have. Sometimes I honestly wonder what I am contributing to
this program! I don't know if any of you have ever felt that you are
being called to a position just to learn. The Lord has an interesting
way of reminding us that we don't earn positions, we don't qualify or
anything. When he wants someone somewhere. He calls them, and that is
that. It's then up to us to work hard and learn all we can. I'm
definitely here to learn as much as possible. Every day I make
mistakes, little mistakes, confuse things, or run out of energy and
there's just no time for that. My Companion Elder Hawkes is the
greatest example. He never stops, his only desire is to serve. He just
goes and goes and goes! He has incredible focus and just knocks out
every task at hand! Even eating!

President Cusick really is teaching us how to be effective and I have
a lot to learn. I have great examples around me.

Jia is progressing nicely! She is on track for baptism on November
16th the day after she turns 18. She is praying every day and reading
the Book of Mormon. She committed to reading the whole thing in

So, I used to say I wanted to be a Spanish missionary? Well, here's my
chance. We have a family from 
Mexico who we teach a couple times a
week! And wow, I'm now officially grateful I was called English. It
is so difficult! So overwhelming. I can say I understand it more, and
can say extremely basic things, I can read Spanish, ( at least
pronounce it) but I can't say anything yet. This family is so awesome
though! I will send some pictures of us. They remind me of mom! Her
facial expressions and stuff is exactly like mom! And she's hilarious.
They are progressing slower than we'd like but the fellowship is

there, and the husband is very converted to the church, and the Book
of Mormon but we are working on the rest. The wife is catholic, she said
she wants to be baptized. They are getting closer!

Keep Praying for Kristi and Ryan that they will be able to come to church!

It was transfers this week! So, we stayed in the hotel Monday Tuesday
and Wednesday night to help transport. Yet, it is very fun! But
sometimes I wonder, “am I seriously a missionary!?” Driving a car and
sleeping in a hotel carrying an iPad around? Ha! Megan is probably
thinking, "no you're not a missionary, come to Chile for a couple days"!

Felt good about all the changes and the next transfer is in 4 weeks now! Usually 6 weeks but this one is one week short because of Christmas and there's already one  week down.

Elder Nelson and Hawkes with Elders Halford and Balding who they live with.

This is an incredible experience. Although I'm being humbled and

tested, I'm grateful the Lord still cares and wants me to improve! I'm

grateful he has still granted me the blessing of being tried. If there

wasn't I would be worried.

This morning in personal and companionship study, we all received

revelation. About the importance of self mastery and control. We read
a scripture in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27
It talks about temperance and the importance of being able to feel the
Holy Ghost at all times. To be calm and able to control yourself at
all times. I read Mosiah 15:7. Our will must be swallowed up in the
will of the Father. ELDER Hawkes is honestly the greatest example of
that. He does not want to do one thing out of line, and he reminds me
often. He is stretching me and helping me grow more than anyone ever

General Conference was amazing!

At the Belisles for a session of General Conference!

I am so grateful for the Prophets and Apostles! They are honestly the
best examples. If we just do as they do, we will become as the Savior

My favorite things from Conference, was the talk on revelation by
President Eyring, I have learned how necessary that is, how I can
always be talking with him and every day discuss the things of life,
telling him every thing!

Elder Bednars talk was perfect.

Hollands talk changed me! Dad! I am definitely going to come
home in Slippers. You have always been such a perfect example of this!

As I watched conference a flood of memories came to mind. THEY
STRESSED SO MUCH the importance of the home and teaching in the home.
I reflected on the lessons I've learned at home. That I now have taken
to heart and are a part of me.

1. Doing things I don't necessarily want to do, but are important, " of
all the things I love to do, I love to climb a mountain" overcoming
trials with faith and joy!

2. Talking with kindness " if you don't have anything nice to say,
don't say anything at all" and " talk nice please" that dad always
taught us!

3 "And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but
considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
3 Nephi 14:3 " this scripture was quoted daily to me, and now, I think
of it every single time I am called to invite other
missionaries to change, before every exchange, or whenever I feel
harsh feelings toward the actions of anything... I truly ask... " Lord
is it I?"

4 "Be a Peacemaker" at all times of contention... This rings in my
ear, Satan is the father of contention and I feel a need to calm the

All these were addressed in conference. I testify of living prophets
and apostles that lead and guide us. I testify of the power of a
family lead by the priesthood. The importance of the gospel in the
home. I would not be me without my parents who taught me. I truly have
been born of goodly parents. I do not doubt my mother and my father
knew it. I know they were and are lead by the Prophets and Apostles.
Thank you Mom and Dad.

Don't forget, 1 person before June. I have a renewed drive to serve.
To endure, to pray, to seek my Father in Heavens guidance, to give my
will to the Father.

I love Him. I cannot speak of the truthfulness of this message, and
the joy of this plan without tears. I know it is true.

Be not afraid;only believe

Elder Nelson

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