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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Members here are amazing!

Dear Family and Friends:

This week was busy. As usual. All you RM's and current missionaries know how important is it to be busy! And how DEPRESSING it is when you don't have work to do! So it was a great week! We had interviews and transfer planning and today begins transfer week.

Transfer planning is pretty fun! I wish all of you could know the type of man President Cusick is. He is so direct and straight forward. 0% sugar coated ha. That's how he get's so much done! So, with every missionary he says it just how it is. But suprisingly he asks for our input a lot. He really puts a lot on the missionaries. When there is a problem, he doesn't come in and solve it. He will say, "well, what do you think we should do?" or he'll say "thats your baby" ha. so it's really helping me learn to be proactive.

Tonight until thursday we will be staying in the Hotel, so really upset about that! ha .not... but tomorrow morning we will be taking the exiting missionaries home and picking up the new ones in the afternoon. We are getting 6 new missionaries.

As far as teaching goes, I have never seen satan attack our investiagtors more... It's exhausting! I don't understand what else we are suppose to do! 

So many things are standing in the way of making a commitment towards baptism for each of our investigators!

So... what is there to learn from this?

Well, first of all, I am so grateful for the Lord giving us all these incredible people to meet and help teach about the true church of Jesus Christ. That in itself is amazing. All of them were member referrals, so the work is hastening! 

Obviously where there is much good to come, satan tries to stop those who will do much good in the Kingdom of God and I know that all of these people will be so strong. They will help and stay solid forever! So, the Joy that will come when they are able to make the covenant will be so worth it. They are all converted, but can't be baptized. It is actually really cool to see, I had made a goal to make sure that no one i teach will be baptized unless they are completely prepared! and that has definately happened.

I know, with all my heart that Heavenly Father will not let them suffer. They will be blessed for their efforts. They have a testimony of the Restoration, and they cannot deny it! Once we learn this, we cannot go back! I really feel the Lord is just blessing me. These people have been sent here to me, to teach me. I may have to do the teaching, but I am learning way more. It's humbling. These people are elect, and I just get to serve them. I could not be more grateful!

The members here are honestly amazing. I don't understand how they do it. There are some who just want to do missionary work. They just serve and are always inviting their friends to events! 
they inspire me to serve more. If they are going to balance their work, and school, and lives, to help us, then I need to give more! 

As for you, family! I hope to hear about your missionary experiences! 1 person before JUNE! We have been blessed with the gospel, and there are so many people who don't know what we know! 

So press on. Journey on. Keep serving. 

Be not afraid;Only Believe

Elder Nelson

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