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Monday, September 15, 2014

I need Thee every hour

Dear Family and Friends:

This week was definitely The Lord reminding me that I cannot do this by myself.

I will start off with the hard things that happened this week then end
with the good. So Jordan did not get baptized. He didn't answer us all
day Saturday and missed his lesson with us, so we had to postpone it.
He said he didn't feel ready. It's okay but just sad. We literally
desire his salvation so much. So it was hard. He didn't come to church
Sunday either. So keep praying for him. He is so solid, wants to be
baptized living everything he needs to!

But! On the other hand, JIA IS GETTING BAPTIZED 28th of September!?!?!
Can you believe it! We had some powerful lessons with her and mom you
were right, she does need to act on her faith. And she agreed to, she
said on Friday that she believes that Jesus Christ is her Savior! She
believes it and accepts it! If that was the only good thing that
happened on my mission it would be worth it! I've never felt so much
joy than when she said that! And then we taught the restoration,

talked about a living prophet and she committed to living the word of
wisdom! She promised she would never drink tea ever again! 

(she didn't have a problem with any of the others) but she had been
drinking tea for her entire life, they're Chinese! It's the culture.

Jackie (Jia's member friend.)
Jia in the middle of Elder Hawkes and Elder Nelson

Just being silly

But she is living it. I've never seen faith like this. It's 

So, put the date on your calendars September 28th. Lock
it in. She is getting baptized into the true church of Jesus Christ!

We have a couple other investigators we are working with. Thai, who is
the friend of Jia, she just brought him one day, she is so awesome
it's crazy. We taught the restoration and we all knelt down and prayed
and he told us right after the prayer that he felt a weight was lifted
off of his shoulders? I'm hello!!!? And he accepted the date of
November 9th, it's going to be moved up but he wants to be baptized! I
can't believe how lucky I am to be here with these incredible people.
I love them, I'm full because of their faith.

So, this leads me to my challenge!
 Mom and Dad and Bryce! And also
Michael and Megan, I am challenging each household to find
someone...to baptize. Find someone to teach with the missionaries to
baptize into the true church before I get home! I want you to hasten 
the work.

 So, fast and pray and pray every day and night! One person
that is prepared to be baptized can come into our lives if we have the
faith. That is the way to get things going into the ward. Please! I
give each of you this challenge, Michael and Megan and mom and dad and
Bryce, so one person for each of you! And don't worry I will follow up
every week... Do you accept this challenge? I hope you do. I know it
can happen. I know that our family is meant for missionary work.

There's no coincidence that ALL of us have been or will go on a Mission.
The Nelson's are missionaries. So please accept!!
I love this work. 

Because we are living the life of Christ. We are
keeping his commandment. If we truly want to keep our covenants to 

him, if we want to follow him in all things, we will be missionaries! All
things will come as we do this! I know it is true!

I know Christ lives and commanded all of us to preach his gospel and
invite others unto him! So I pray we will do it!

Be not afraid;only believe
Elder Stephen Nelson

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