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Monday, September 8, 2014

He Lives!

This week was very very busy! I hope I can remember everything that has happened. As an assistant your work is kind of split up into three categories. 1 - admin/office  2 - other missionaries 3 - proselyting

So, this week with admin/office,  every couple days President will call us with an update. But yesterday he calls and says alright lets fix this now so, we changed all the districts so now there are about 10 missionaries in each district, took about 5 cars, we have to make all these changes and let everyone know. And then send out new accountability forms, and district meeting trainings that we created, its just very cool but, we were freaking out! And all the internet went down in the Mission office so WE COULDN'T DO ANYTHING! (first world problems). We have a lot of influence with how the mission runs. I didnt think it would be like this but, President really trusts us for a lot of the changes he will just ask " do you think these two missionaries would succeed? and, "who should be the DL here"? And he will do what we suggest. I feel so much trust from the Lord and it gives me drive to do better! 

With other missionaries, we went on an exchange with two of our zone leaders and wow it was amazing!  Recently Elder Hawkes and I have felt this new urge to change. To help other missionaries change and give up everything for this short time. To ONLY SERVE the Lord. And its happening. I see how me and Elder Hawkes have similar drive. We want and have this incredible drive to improve every day. All we talk about is what we can do to do better personally, or other missionaries, or those we teach. This week we had an idea and we will be doing it. We are going to basically travel the mission. We are going to go to each companionship and spend the night with them and go through their area book and have a morning with them, let them know we love them and Boldly invite them to give more. To try harder and to find those who are READY to learn. That is the main focus here.

Tampa Florida Mission Leadership Council

We have learned that in order for us to baptize more, we have to find those people who are READY to learn. Too often we waste time teaching those who arent progressing because we need something to do, something to fill our time. But that is not what we should be doing! We need to do the best possible thing we can. We need to look for those who are prepared and prepare them for baptism. Show the Lord that we are looking for those who are ready and he really leads you to them. Or them to you. We have a baptism this week for Jordan, let me tell you a little about him.

He accepted the invitation to be baptized so, we've been meeting with him every other day. Well, this week I witnessed the greatest conversion ever, literally!  I learned a very important point, that we as missionaries do nothing!! All we do is invite! We are the messengers, the change is up to the individual! When we work hard all we are really doing is learning how to invite better and earn the Lords trust so he can give us people who are prepared. So, we left Jordan to read Chapter 32 of Alma and the next day he came ready and asked if he could say the opening prayer and was like "GUYS! i cant wait to tell you what i learned". He explained how He knows the Book of Mormon is true. He said that he felt a seed was planted in him and it grew into the tree of life like in Lehis dream ( THIS IS WHAT HE TOLD US!) and he said how he would die for the truth he has learned". He felt that all these other churches had pieces of a puzzle and he finally found the one where they all fit together! WE WERE FREAKNG OUT!?!?! that right there would be enough of a miracle for my entire mission. But Heavenly Father gave us more of course.

We are teaching Jia who is chinese and learning and praying about Christ being her Savior. Well, she met twice with us and came to institute TWICE! and this next week will be her third week meeting with us, and she's growing. She will text us some days and say how she is praying more and more each day. Yesterday she said "when im mormon" in casual conversation haha just something small but HUGE for us. Elder Hawkes and I have become great friends with her and we literally pray all the time that she will learn that CHRIST IS HER SAVIOR! she is praying to know and says she wants to believe it! PRAY FOR HER! she is on her way! she went from never praying to praying 3-4 times every day! 

AND! we met 5 kids last week on campus during this club sign up day one of them just walked right up to us and asked if he could learn! His name is Patrick, I've never felt the spirit so strong. Elder Hawkes felt it and the Institute teacher that was with us felt it too. We know he is prepared. We met with him and he said he CANT WAIT to pray about the BOM. 

Sorry this is so long but that's not even the half of what is happening! I just wish all of you could feel whats happening here. Last night we were invited over to a family, we invited the family to learn and they literally went on forever about why they didn't and just wouldn't even let us talk... they TOLD us how we dont need to go to church and that the bible is the only thing thats true...and I kindly said well, we just wanted to invite you... but as we left I made a commitment that I need to show my faith and testify with Boldness. 

So, I invite all of you to do that. And add your testimony to mine. That I know that there is more to learn than the Bible. That God spoke to a boy in grove of trees and restored the fullness of his gospel. I know that Christ leads this church, and we must be a part of it! Please help me in this work. 

BE NOT AFRAID;Only Believe

Elder Nelson

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