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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

You Never Know!

Hello Family and friends,

Well again, I am so happy to be in this area, with this companion. It seems like every night when I get on my knees I cant say thank you enough! 

We have had a lot of work. Which is such a blessing. Just as a reminder, the BEST way to do missionary work is through the members. For the work to hasten, members need to work with the missionaries to find, teach, and BAPTIZE their friends and family, and acquaintances. BUT when that iis not happening, missionaries must do ALL they can on their own. So, we have a couple of YSA members working with their friends who have shown interest, but other than that we have been finding!

We have found  some very interested people! we have also found people who have shown interest and dropped soon after that. ( which is very common...too common )

We met a girl named Stephania. She is from Colomubia but lives Near Orlando. She was visiting USF because she plans on going here in the fall. But Elder Newbold contacted her last week and set up a skype lesson. so we taught her and it went well! She says she has a lot of time and is interested so, its perfect. Well ,the next day she was visiting USF again and we set up a lesson. We taught the whole first lesson (the restoration) and she liked it. She wanted to know if it was true. So, she went home and did exactly what we told her. We skyped her again the next day and she described some feelings she had! of course it was the Holy Ghost and we were so EXCITED! Talked to hundreds of people by now, some interested. some not, some rude, some just flaky, getting one or two and never hearing back then finally one STICKS! It was so nice... we really felt she has been prepared. So, we are working on her reading and finding out if the book of mormon is true. And getting her to either the YSA down here in Tampa or where she lives but pray for her!

Next is Bebina. we met her at Walmart it turns out her whole famiy are members backin Haiti. I mentioned her last week. Well we taught her twice. and she is planning on coming to church. Her brother served a mission she says, and she called him and told him she is learning and he is so excited for her. She is really interested and told us if she finds out its true she will get baptized! so I know its just a matter of time! Pray she can come to church.

We've met a few other people but they are our highlights. We have been teaching another girl, she is hebrew...or thinks she is? but she prays using hebrew language... anyway she has been realy interested. She came to church and loved the classes, but sacrament meeting wasn't preachy enough. hahaha.

Pray for these people! And pray we find some more. 

One of the finding activites we did this week was take popsicles on campus to handout with fliers inviting people to church. Well, we got to campus and there was NO one around... so we drove around and would see one or two people. so we pulled up next to them and offerred a popsicle haha. Well we did this a couple times and realized, it works! So picture this... a truck with a cooler with popsicles in it. 4 missionaries, driving around and we would spot a person, grab a popsicle, jump out and deliver it with an invite, then jump back into the car and drive to the next person! it was so fast and effective and SO much fun! We freaked some people out but we got a lot of good potentials actually! One even came to church ( he is the Ap's investiagator) but it was awesome.

I am so happy. I love the work that is happening right now. I am giving it all I have. It is kind of difficult, when I realize how much members can help and influence the work and how much better that way is, but because I learned that I know exactly what I am going to do when I get home to be a member missionary. 

The Lord's work is hastening! If you aren't sure how to help in the work, but WANT to? let me know! i have plenty of suggestions. 

Elder Newbold is fearless and learning everything! 

Be not afraid; Only Believe

Elder Nelson

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