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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Servants of the Lord 5/26/2015

Well I don't think there has been so many miracles in a week! 

We have been really trying to contact as many people as we can, and invite as many people as we can, and at the same time WEED out those people who are not prepared. There are so many people who are prepared. The hard part is when you get a potential, you want them so badly to be THE one... and then you most likely don't hear from them. It breaks your heart. But, every once in a while they stick. So as far as those people who are solid and preparing for baptism. 

Bebina! She was the one found at walmart. Well we have taught her half of the lessons and is on fire. She has kept all the commitments, she has been reading, she read the pamphlets, she set a baptismal date for June 21st and believes that this is the RIGHT way to do it. All the other churches have been doing it a different way and it didn't feel right about it.The night before we presented her the Book of Mormon, she had a dream about someone coming to her and giving her a book to read. She woke up and was so confused, then her dad told her that maybe it was us giving her a book? Well we came and she was blown away. When she told us I opened to the first chapter in 1 Nephi where Lehi is given a vision and the same thing happens to him. We bore bold testimonies that God wants her to read the Book of Mormon and be baptized. She can't wait to come to church and believes!

We had many cool experiences contacted. We go onto USF campus quite a bit and find people here and there, but one day It was really difficult. The more people deny us, the harder it is for me to continue. So we walked for about 20 minutes and met like 3 atheists. and I was had about had it. Elder Newbold contacted the next girl he saw, he is fearless and he asks her this questions... "If you could have one thing, what would it be?" she stops... thinks... and responds with, " a few more moments with my gradma" It was crazy, we asked some more questions and she asked us some things about the after life. We asked her if she knew for a fact she would see her grandma again and she said she would like to believe that but she doesnt know... WE testified that She can see her again, and be with her family again. And we need to tell her about the true church that carries these eternal truths. It was so intesne and so powerful. She ended up not keeping her appt. and havent heard from her but I know she will always remember that.

We also set a baptism date with an investigator whowe dropped, then met again on the street, then dropped... then came back! it was crazy. We finally got an appointment and gave him a church tour. He loved it. He kept saying how he feels so good. He feels that God finally spoke to him and tell him this is where he belongs. He read the pamphlets we gave him and he said he believes this is the truth! It was amazing. His name is Aaron.

Last story, 

so I have resisted tracting for a long time, but it was raining and we HAD TO TALK WITH SOME HUMANS! so we pickeda complex and went to town! well we did our best and found a few contacts. well we kept going and the 2nd to last door. A girl comes out and goes "no no no no" then Elder Newbold was persistant and got her to watch the because of him video... BROUGHT THE SPIRIT SO STRONG! her heart softened and brought out the questions, like why joseph smith, why do we always find her? why are there so many religions, and we testified of the message we have and why we left our homes for 2 years and she was blown away, she was very skeptical but agreed to a lesson. It was so awesome. Elder Newbold was so persitant and bold. I know that God leads us to HIS children who need us. It was such a tender mercy. I know that This is true. It is such a crazy story, a little boy sees God and Jesus Christ come down and call him to be a prophet? Well its true. I know it is. 

Reach out to someone, participate in hastening the work of salvation! I love my Savior. I know he lives.

Elder Nelson

Be not afraid;Only Believe

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