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Monday, May 4, 2015

4th quarter!

Hello Friends and Family,

So there has been quite a bit of change in the last week! I am
training Elder Newbold, he is from Bountiful Utah and  is absolutely
prepared. He knows PmG, he is fearless talking with everyone he sees,
he has ZERO problem getting up in the morning, works out hard, studies
hard, he can already plan and bore his testimony in Sacrament meeting.
He introduced himself to everyone and got to know a bunch of the YSA,
they love him. I am blown away. Such a fast learner and definitely
inspires me to give all I have. Mostly to keep up with him, but it's

As far as investigators, we are running a little low. BUT we have had
many opportunities and I know we will find some. Our goal is one
baptism before I go. And it's going to happen! I have faith. I am
serving in the Tampa YSA Ward it's a lot of fun being back. We live
with the Assistants and I think it's excellent exposure for Elder
Newbold. He will receive many training opportunities to learn from so
many. There are 8 sets of missionaries in ONE church building. It's
also where the mission office is, so we see a lot of other
missionaries. You are kind of near the action so it's fun. The best
part is we are a cross the street from the University of South
Florida, and when school is in there is quite a lot of foot traffic.
Lots of people to talk to. I'm certain we find those who are ready.

We have walked a lot. A LOT! We have studies very hard, we've set
goals, we've prayed together we have talked and worked and really want
to dedicate our missions to the Lord. So we will do that.

This week I have strengthened my testimony of Jesus Christ. The fact
that he loves me so much that he wants me to end my mission upward. I
am so grateful he cares about how I feel. He cares about who I become,
so I will give him all of me. I know we will find people soon.

Be not afraid;Only Believe

Elder Nelson

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