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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Loving Father in Heaven

Family and Friends, 

I am filled to the BRIM! with joy. I know God lives! Elder Newbold and I have been trying so hard to learn all we can, to talk to everyone we can, we are trying to become perfect planners, we are trying to be exactly obedient, to obtain christlike attributes, and to get new investigators and teach lessons and be our best and each day we feel accomplished. And yet we still dont have anyone solid! We have a lot of potentials and we are very bold ( especially Elder Newbold, he doesnt mess around). We explain clearly our purpose and share how we are looking for the elect. It was has been difficult and yet, looking back we both feel great. We feel that Lord is proud of us. and That motivates us to keep going, to keep looking! We have a lady we taught last week named TY! she was found by other Elders and refferred to us. This was Elder Newbolds first lesson and investigator. He did fantastic. He taught clearly and we invited her to be baptized. She accepted! She beleives the restoration is true and Joseph Smith was a prophet. It was quite remarkable. she has been wanting to find her church and doesn't just want to join any church. We feel she is an honest seeker of truth. Pray that she will be able to come to church. That seems to be the hold up right now!

But other than her we have had tender mercies, little miracles, people who are willing to listen, they dont progress but allow us to invite and preach which is what we were called to do. 

We decided to fast, partially in gratitude of what we had, but also in hopes to find a SOLID progressing investigator that will get baptized... well Sunday as our fast was ending we were in Elders quorum and we starting talkng with a kid who we had only seen once... well it turns out he told us he had just stopped taking the lessons a little bit ago and is now coming to find out if it is actually true again! He came with two other girls that just moved into the YSA and he wanted to meet with us! our prayers were ANSWERED!!

5 seconds later we talked to the other elders and they told us he was already a member annd just was messing with us... as you could have guessed I was REAL happy about that. and we went over to him and laughed about it.... just image the fake smile and the playful choke hold around the back of the neck and the " haha oh man... GOOD ONE!"  

BUT! just today ( p day, as we were grocery shopping) we were moving VERY fast... but! as we were checking out the cashier started laughing at us! I asked her why and she just didnt say anything, well then she opened up and said she "thinks her whole family is mormon back in Haiti??" haha how can you "think" something like that, well she just moved here and is looking for a church and she wants to learn about her families religion! She gave us her number and we set up an appt. Probably the most solid contact thus far. PRAY FOR HER!

I know God lives. He is not done working through me yet.

Be not afraid;Only Believe

Elder Nelson

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