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Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Restoration!

Dear Family and Friends:

Well this week was spring break and ALL of our investigators were gone! So, we knew it was going to be a slow week, but with a little faith and humility I realized the Lord had many things he needed me to learn this week, and I did! We had interviews with President Cusick. and during that interview I just felt this sense that i need to give more. I need to not waste any time here. I signed up for 2 years and I need to give him two years.

Our mission decided that in order to get out with the people more we need to park the cars! Think about other missions, They all walk and use the bus! and we are just enjoying our A/C, spoiled!
So we parked them… well what we didn't think about was how this would affect our area, and the geography of the area… well, we hit the bikes tuesday and had an interesting day to say the least. 

Getting ready to get back on the bikes!

We had some miracles and did good things happen. 1 baptismal interview and set up one of our YSA investigators for her baptism on the 18th! but this is how it went. 1 hour down to the interview in the next ward south of us. then back in an hour. then 1.5 hours over the the lesson with the YSA there for 30 mins, ( she bought us dinner, miracle. ) then started back, after about and hour, my tire got low, pumped it up, kept going, 30 seconds later completely flat. so we walked along this state road! for 30 minutes, then some random guy pulled over and picked us up. he wasn't a member but insisted he would take us anywhere we needed to go! so obviously a miracle right? well we got in the car and he was very nice… very very nice! a little too happy and relaxed and friendly. well by the time he dropped us off we knew that he wasn't exactly 100% with us at the moment. and as we got out of the car we saw an empty can of a less than favorable beverage. WE WERE PROTECTED BY ANGELS! so that was the dangerous part of the week but the Lord always gives us a miracle to match. 

Abi is a YSA that was baptized about a year ago. her family has been really struggling lately. But she told us that her mouth had really been hurting lately, and she was having trouble talking and it got worse progressively as the days went by.  We insisted on giving her a blessing but she refused. by the 4th day she couldn't even eat so she said yes! but we did not have our car… so we biked! and it was getting late. 45 minutes, plus we got lost, its 8:30 pm and finally found it. we gave her a blessing and it was so powerful. She was so grateful but we were so worried we needed to get home! its 8:45 now and if you do the math there we needed to leave NOW! and as we were leaving she saw that we biked and told her dad they were giving us a ride so we bungied our bikes to their little durango and they took us home. MIRACLE… but the greater miracle… by the end of the 25 minutes car ride? her mouth, was practically better. and the next day, no pain. 

I know that the Presithood has been restored!

We had members invite us to their homes for conference for almost all of the sessions and two of the sessions were with nonmembers and one session was with Katelyn who was recently baptized. she loved it. Our Bishop had us over for an easter dinner with his friends and family and had us show the easter video. It is just so easy for him to share the gospel.  
In front of the Bishops house on Easter

Today, 185 years ago the church was restored! General conference really hit me. Elder Hollands testimony of the Risen Savior put it into perspective. He never forgets us. We cannot forget him! 

I know he lives! 

Be not afraid;Only Believe

Elder Nelson

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