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Monday, April 20, 2015

Tender Mercies!

Dear Family and Friends:

Well, I finally am pretty much better! I have come to the conclusion that it was all just a trial of my faith. And honestly a blessing. I had a lot of time to study and think and realize how BAD I wanted to share the gospel. This morning i studied in Mormon and was just in awe of the missionary he was. He wanted to preach but was forbidden in verse 17. I could feel his desire. He had a mantle placed on him, he had a love for these people, many of them I bet he grew up with, friends of his and yet he could not tell them of their wrongs because they were so wicked. Satan had taken a hold of the people and they were no more worthy to have apostles there. 

I also read in Moroni 9:6 - let us labor diligently for if we should cease to labor we should be brought under condemnation; for we have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay. I have been given a gift and I cannot waste a moment, and that is just LIFE in general not to mention in full - time missionary service. 

Thursday we went to the temple and oh my goodness. Walking into the Celestial room was like a temporary sit down with the Savior. It was like taking a break and just have him give me a pep talk. I felt his approval, telling me " look you haven't done that bad of a job, in fact you've been great, look at all the good you've done thank you for representing me. I love you just keep going." Nothing could have been more impactful at this time. 

We got home and I was still not feeling my best, we started to put some stuff together to eat but I honestly had nothing ,haha .looking back I was probably just being lazy, but just then we got a text from the Pattens ( members we're super close with ) asking us to come meet a nonmember at their home, so we went and I downed some day quill, and we went, well the non member was really nice and just a good introduction ( she was only 15 or so ) but They ended up having dinner for us! IT was such a blessing! Such a tender mercy when I was feeling so terrible! I don't know why but it just meant a lot to me. There are so many people who are trying their very best to serve and to give and to help. I have learned that although I only see the immediate, the Lord knows the eternal. 

Saturday morning Monica was baptized!! You probably don't recognize that name because I personally have only taught her a few times but She has been coming to the YSA for a year. Just never wanted to get baptized. Elder Spach taught her a lot before I got here. But she was baptized and it was one of the smoothest baptisms and the spirit was so strong. and Sunday I confirmed her. Tender Mercy. She was confident in the Covenant she was making. She works with a ton of members and they just invited her and befriended her. THE POWER OF MEMBERS!

Sunday at Palmetto ward was pretty bittersweet. I realized that one of the joys and blessings of a mission is on Sunday you really forget about yourself. Your experience is the LAST thing on your mind. All you think about is "is this person here?" or "I wonder what she is thinking after that comment?" " DId he go to class? Does he have a fellowshipper" haha its fun but super stressful!! Well Caitlin the investigator we taught a couple weeks ago who was loving it decided that she didnt get a good feeling when she prayed but she still wants to come to church and mutual... IT WAS HEARTBREAKING! its so frustrating because we literally meet with these people once or twice and then its like Performing Brain surgery to get schedules to connect! So thankful for members who are proactive and help set appointments. So, she doesnt want to learn anymore, and if we could just teach her I know we could help but, I know the Lord has a plan. Im grateful I could plant good seeds and accomplish my purpose. Tyler, our other 16 year old investigator was so close. He was all for baptism, loved church, reading the book of mormon, then went home and his dad told him that he can do it when he turns 18 and he cant meet with us anymore. HOW SAD IS THAT? again, i know that when he gets to a point where he wants to reach out to God, he'll know exactly where to go, and that gives me comfort. 

BUT Katelyn, who was baptized back in February, gave a talk in sacrament meeting!! her Dad showed up but he left before anyone could talk to him or anything, but she didnt write it out or anything she just decided to " follow the spirit!" she is so brave. She also brought her friend Jessica! ( yes i don't know what it is with the names katelyn and jessica ) but Jessica came to Mutual and now church and LOVED IT!! again the key ingredient is that friend! She came and met everyone and has questions and we are teaching her this wednesday. The only recently baptized Jessica came over to her in class and shared her experience and the other laurels are fellowshipping her its starting to domino and I could not feel more sastisfied. 

So, thats basically what has happened. I am so grateful to be a missionary. To wear the Title ELDER. So grateful I am a voice for him. What a gift.

I know that Jesus Christ lives. I love feeling a little bit of what he felt. The struggle, where he was despised and rejected of men. I get to feel a little bit of that. And its all for him. I know what he did was real. I love him and always will. 

Be not afraid;Only Believe

Elder Nelson

Here are some other fun pictures that Elder Nelson sent this week.  However, he didn't send an explanation for them.  Oh Well!  Looks fun!

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