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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What a Birthday!

Dear Family and Friends:

The best weeks in your mission are those you get the tender mercy of SEEING a baptism. What a blessing. 

Tuesday we had District Meetings and every other week we make the 100 mile Drive out to central Florida! There is a district literally 1.5 hours away. Which I suppose is not that far for a lot of other missions but going to District meeting is a whole day event and this time it was. We left at 1:30 and were stuck on the ONLY road out of Sebring for 2 hours and didnt even move, so we decided to just stop and get a subway sandwich… which was disgusting. Then we got back on the road and spent another 2 hours in the car. Then President called us and asked us to go pick up a car in the next city over which was 30 mins away. So, Elder Spach and I drove separate cars home for 2 hours! It was so weird to be alone. We got home at 8:15. Then we drove them Friday up to the mission office. 

Alexis - this week we taught a YSA girl, a referral from a member. It was our second time meeting her but this time we really talked about why she was learning and what she wanted to know. She said her friend, ( Pedro, who is preparing for a mission ) just made her really interested. It was such a big part of his life and she saw the change it caused in him. So, the last time we met with her we gave her a restoration pamphlet and told her to read it. Well, she read it. And took 4 PAGES OF NOTES! and wrote down all her questions! She said she wants to find out so bad. and if she finds out, then she will be baptized! Pray that she does. This last week her aunt passed away, pray that this brings her closer to a knowledge of the truth! 

Friday we had Mission Leadership Council. It started out at the BEACH!… and then RAINED. and in Florida when it rains. it RAINS! the raindrops are like the size of humans. So we all jumped in the cars and drove to the nearest church building. It was fun talking about things we want to implement in the mission. One of the biggest things we are noticing that helps is missionaries stating their purpose when entering new wards. Or missionaries who are confident in Ward Council. Too often we are just another set of missionaries who do missionary things, then get transferred. But thats not what we are going to do. So, to fix that we realized missionaries need personalities! They need to earn the trust and love of members and some may think you need to sit and eat dinner with members to do that. Trust me, you don't. It helps, but even better is doing that while teaching someone. 

So, we are trying to help missionaries clearly and boldly state why they came on a mission, the sacrifices we made, the simplicity and intensity of our call. 

Just a side note, I realized I talk the most in all the councils… how annoying!

Jessica was baptized on Saturday! It went so well. Her PARENTS CAME! that took EVERY one of us by surprise! They were very nice and talked with everyone and just fit right in. It was such a neat experience and then we got to stand in the circle to help confirm her but again. this was the Palmetto Wards baptism. All the parts were done by the members. We just performed our call to teach and it all worked! I know that this is the way missionary work is supposed to work.

Lastly, we had a third hour presentation Yesterday. It. was. awesome. 
It was all about missionary work. Bro. Jackson our ward mission leader told the whole ward our ward mission plan and shared with them our goals. 1 baptism a months! and challenged everyone to stop being scared! The church basically turned into a baptist church for about 20 mins haha he went so hard. He loves the gospel so much, and is only been a member for 8 years. Then one of our ward missionaries who is so converted to missionary work. He served in Finland, then taught at the MTC for 4 years and now is living here going to Medical school. He has a family, little 5 month old baby. Cutest family ever, but he stood up and just shared how he has lost all fear to share it and now he can't help but share it. Then I shared how Elder Zwick asked us to ask the Ward council and ward members to know all our investigators and to answer a question. Who are you going to teach in YOUR home this week?… and you answer that weekly! So, family, who are you going to teach in your home, with the missionaries this week?? 

Then Elder Spach got up, and said something I had no idea he was going to say. He told everyone… in the whole ward that his bother just got his mission call, and his mom gave him the option to go home a transfer early, but he said "No". He loves his family, but he signed up for the whole thing, and the Palmetto ward deserves all he has. He is all in. Then we watched the new easter video and I stood in the back and felt the spirit testify to me that we were doing the right thing. That even though I feel so often I'm just beating a dead horse that we are making a difference and that Christ really is living. "He is not here, He is risen."

My only invitation is that you invite someone to your home that you can lift! Please, there are missionaries who need someone to teach! 

Be not afraid;Only Believe

Elder Nelson

Just had to share.  Elder Nelson said he ran into the door of a van while waving hello to someone this week and got this big bump on his forehead!  Ouch!

Elder Nelson celebrated his 20th Birthday on Sunday!  
The Patten's gave him a party and treated him so special!
They have spoiled him in Florida!

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