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Monday, March 16, 2015

Transfer News


We received the transfer email Saturday night and found out that we are….

STAYING!! Elder Spach and I have another 6 weeks here in the Palmetto ward! we were so pumped but we also realized how much President Cusick is trusting us with that. elder Spach and I go home within a transfer of each other So I realized that President is trusting us to give EVERYTHING we have and not just cruse to the end. so that is what we are going to do. SPRINT! 

Throughout the week Elder Spach and I have many times where we just look at each other and say well now what should we do? because our plans fall through and our back up plans don't work out, but I have come to realize the beauty of a proper companionship. There were multiple times this week that 1 i was absolutely exhausted. we both got sick this week and it started getting hotter so we were just toast. and When it was my turn to get sick. Elder Spach took the lead and just was so merciful with me. he has helped me change and improve so much. when I am not giving my all or if there are things to improve he tells me in the most humble way. He has truly taught me how important companionship inventory is. It has changed my relationships forever. 

Jessica, a new investigator Caitlin ( who is a young women from a part member family ), the Recently baptized Katelyn, the kids, and a new young man Tyler! all came to church on Sunday! the youth are really growing! haha. 

Jessica is all good for baptism and is converted. We meet with her 3 times a week and she has come to church twice in a row now. She is practically part of the ward. She has come to young women's as well. It's picture perfect. Last night we watched the Joseph Smith movie and she went off about how we came to this country for religious freedom ha but she said she knows Joseph Smith is a prophet! she said her mom wants to meet with the Bishop. So pray that goes well. I think this will be a good thing. ALSO JESSICA HAS READ 10 chapters in like 3 days! 

Katelyn is still going strong after being baptized. Her boyfriend the one who introduced her to the church hasn't been going much to church or mutual but she is there, every week. without fail. she referred 7 people to us this week. i repeat…7 people… you know when the last time I got 7 referrals in one week? never. She is unbelievable! 

Tyler! is a friend of the Teachers quorum president in the Palmetto ward, Tristan is his name. He invited his friend tyler to church and we taught tyler three times this week. he is a 16 and the only really religious person in his family. They have some struggles as a family too. But he is always with Tristan and they are so close. This is the beauty of members. Relationships with members softens the hearts of nonmembers and that is when the magic happens. He is ready the book of mormon and just last night he texted us and asked us to recommend some scripture for him to read! he is on fire.

Caitlin is asking her Father to be baptized and is very excited. she is about 14 and really wants to come. She came twice in a row and has been to every mutual activity. She was the only one in her family to come to church! talk about valiant youth. I am so humbled by these kids. We haven't even taught her yet, our first meeting is wednesday

last but not least…the Mariner Familly, they have been coming to church for about a year now, with the daughters already converted and loving the church… The members have been bold and felt like now is the time and we have a meeting with the entire family at the young women's presidents house with two of the other mothers in the ward who are friends with them. We are so excited. I have waited and prepared for my entire mission for a moment like this. Pray for us sunday. There are miracles that are waiting!!!

Brothers and Sisters I just want everyone to know that I know THis church is true. I know that Jesus Christ is the Living son of the Living God. I have never seen him. BUt i know he lives.

This is his work and I pray that it is NEVER ever, over for me.

I invite everyone to find someone. Who are you going to teach in your home this week.

Please join me in the labor of love.

Be not afraid;Only believe.

Elder Nelson

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