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Monday, August 25, 2014

My new obsession!

Well, it sounds like Elder Nelson has hit the ground running and hasn't been able to stop much.  He jumps right into his duties as an assistant, and he continues to be anxiously engaged in missionary work!  Enjoy!

Dear Family and Friends,

So, a week ago on Sunday I went to the assistants apartment and left my
bags there, and we went with the prior assistant to say goodbye to the
people who he served with, members and converts and stuff. 
Monday morning we ate lunch with Brother Lewis and then Elder Hawkes and I took over.

I really had no idea what to do with the departing missionaries... I would walk around and people
would ask me questions like where should I put this and what to do with
stuff and I had to pretend like I knew what was going on, and this
wasn't even the worst of it yet. Monday evening we had the departing
dinner. That was such a cool experience. President just talked with
them, and expressed how grateful he was for all of them. He asked them
questions about what he could do to improve the mission, and then we
knelt down for a family prayer. I just kinda hung out, I felt so out
of place ha, but I enjoyed it.

We stayed in the hotel with the exiting missionaries, that was
awesome! And then woke up super early to take the missionaries to the
airport, returned and then got dressed and ready to pick up the new
missionaries. We met President and Sister Cusick at the airport. It
was fun to see all the new missionaries, it reminded me how I felt
when I first came out. It was really humbling. I tried to treat them like
I would want to be treated when I first came. Then we went to the
mission home, which is like the coolest place ever, it's huge, to eat
and for instruction. We trained them on obedience, and stress, and
cars and yea. It was fun because a lot of them are so willing to learn
and want advice and they just soak it up.

They were exhausted but it was good. Took them back to the hotel, and
we stayed there again. Next morning ( Wednesday ) took em to the
church and trained them all day on teaching and more like tools and
tactics of missionary work. Then dinner at golden coral ha.
Thursday was a crazy day. TRANSFER meeting. I got to sit on the stand
with president and Sister Cusick and Elder Hawkes, and watch it all
happen. It's such a blessing to be apart of all this. And to see how
much work goes into it all. Then afterward everyone is asking who to
give their keys to and who to give the phone and where they will live
and all this stuff. And wow. The Holy Ghost definately brings
everything to your remembrance. Cuz there I could have done that on
my own.

Elder Nelson w new incoming missionaries
Training meeting w Elder Nelson and Elder Hawkes in the background

So, that night we slept back in our apartment and I was kinda tired but
mostly just excited! I was just thrown right into the middle of
everything!! Usually president will call an assistant at transfer
meeting and they don't really start til after. But not me haha. It's
good. I liked it better that way.
I know The Lord is just humbling me, because every prayer I have I am
pleading with The Lord to work through me. And that's exactly what I
need, I'm so grateful.

But then the missionary work side. Elder Hawkes and I looked at the
teaching pool and there wasn't much there, a couple of great progressing
investigators but that was it. So we set some goals, and a vision for our area and
companionship and as the assistants.

By Friday we just decided... We are going to turn it up! We realized
how much President has to deal with. There are
missionaries that need him, and that is his main priority, so I realized that we
have so much control! So we just made a mental decision that we were
going to work harder than we ever have. And make our eye SINGLE and
let me tell you it is.

In the last week we have received probably15 referrals and taught
half of them. A member from Palm Harbor ward who is serving in the ysa
ward now, brought her friend to church her first day in the YSA ward.

Christian Belsisle has a good friend we are teaching on fb! And sister
Brown my recent covert from when I was in Tampa 1 told us she invited a
ton of friends to a ward party and 2 of them came and said they wanted
to come to church. So we invited them and they both agreed to come to
church!! And they did! Their names are Stephen and Yvette. An older
couple who are engaged and then that night bishop had a new
member/investigator fireside and they came! It's unreal! We just went
so hard!

Another experience! We went over to a mans home, Miguel. He and his
wife are working on being baptized, but they're living together and
not married for some reasons. Well, their son was crying and coughing
uncontrollably. Finally as we were about to leave I told Elder Hawkes
we should give him a blessing, and then Miguel came out and asked if
we could do it. So we went in and did. I began the blessing, and I
knew that he would be healed. And able to sleep. It was the most sure
feeling I've had! I just knew it. And Elder Hawkes knew it. As we
walked out of the home Miguel told us that he felt something in there
and he started crying and we told him how important it was that he was
baptized so he could receive the priesthood and bless his family like

I can't even tell you how I feel. I've never felt so motivated, or
excited or happy or pumped or whatever. All we talk about is
missionary work. All we want to do is teach lessons and talk to
people! And baptize them! Help them understand how important it is!
And it's happening! Elder Hawkes is such a great example of obedience.
He is teaching me so many things. It's humbling being with him. I'm
just soaking it up!

This next week we are going to keep going just as diligent. And I'm
not going to stop. I love this work so much. I never want to stop!!!!
I'm serving in the Tampa bay YSA ward and Tampa 1, but mostly the YSA ward now
that school is back in. And I am just ready to work. I'm running out
of time. So I'm going to sprint. I hope you will join me!

This morning we set a date with a young man who is 24 named Jordan.
He's a stud and his friend just invited him to church once. And now he
believes and says its like remembering something he forgot. He knows
it is true.

Be not afraid;Only Beleive

Elder Stephen Nelson

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