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Friday, August 22, 2014

A new assignnment for Elder Nelson

On Sunday evening I recieved a text message from a sister from Elder Nelson's last ward saying that he had been transferred back to the
Tampa 1st ward again.  This was accompanied by a picture of Elder Nelson sitting on her sofa in the middle of 2 of her children and two other Elders sitting on the other side of the sofa. When I questioned why and who was texting me, this was her reply:

"This is Meagan Freestone!  We love your son!  He just got called to be Assistant to the President.  I don't think too many people know yet.  He probably said goodbye to his ward today. Can't even tell you how excited we are about this!  We feel like he is one of our kids here.  One of my kids cried when he saw him at the door and another one jumped into his arms."

I told her that he has that affect on us as well:)

I then received the following email from Elder Nelson on Monday morning:

I hope I can get some time to send an email today it'll be busy but
main things I want you to know.

I loved palm harbor so much and I cried like a baby. I became best
friends with Drew Marcucci.

I had to go to the AP's apartment Sunday night. I'll be picking up the
new missionaries tomorrow and taking home the ones finished. Elder
Hawkes is my new companion :) IM PUMPED!
Elder Stephen Nelson

I then waited for the next day or two to see if he would get a chance to email me....nothing.  I knew that his mission has a facebook page and they usually post pictures from each transfer.  So, I watched all day on Thursday for pictures.  Sure enough they posted lots of pictures of the new companionships as well as the two preceding days of missionaries coming and going.  I could see Elder Nelson in the background in many of the pictures but none of he and Elder Hawkes together. 
(He and Elder Hawkes have worked together in the past in Tampa 1 when he was there. Hawkes is in the Spanish program.They became good friends at that time.) 

Last night I finally saw one picture of Elders Nelson and Hawkes together talking to President Cusick so I decided that was good enough for me!  I have been anxious to post something to his blog and send a letter on to all of you.  

We are very pleased with the great work Elder Nelson is doing on his mission and we are excited for this opportunity for him to work so closely with his Mission President.  I will try to send some of the pictures I have obtained from this last transfer.  Thank you so much for your love and support! 

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