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Monday, August 11, 2014

Boys are meant to chop wood

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was busy but so rewarding! I love having the chance to travel through the whole zone. I get to teach a lot of missionaries but mostly I learn! 

I went on an exchange with two incredible missionaries. Elder Ware and Elder Doty, they had a baptism. I got to interview her and she was definitely ready, They were so happy, and a couple times I sat back and realized what I had and I was brought to tears. I listened to the words of the song nearer my God to thee. And that song just explains the feelings I had, how I feel closer and closer to him through the gospel, and how angels are beckoning me to bask in his light. And the more work we do, the nearer to God we are. 

These two Elders were in sane! They talked to every human being they saw. They have 6 baptism dates set and they are exactly obedient and it's just fun to be with them! I couldn't keep up! Seriously! I just loved it! One experience really changed me though. We were to teach some people, the lessons fell through so we went to stop by a house, no one home. We stopped at another potential investigator and he had a few minutes so we went in and started teaching lesson 1 and he seemed to start to slip. He was saying he didn't want to join any church because he has had so many experiences that have led him down the right path. We testified that he doesn't have to give up anything, we just have more for him to know! And he started feeling it. And we could see it, to the point where he said, "I just want to know so bad"! So we all knelt down and he prayed right there and asked God if there was a living prophet and he said "amen" and we all just knelt there in silence. It was one of the most tender moments so far! 

We had a family in the ward host one of the part member families we are working with and it went just perfectly! It was awesome! We just showed up, ate, shared a message, and left and both families just talked and mingled and we barely did anything! This is how missionary work should be! I'm so lucky to be a ward like this! And then Sunday this same family hosted another part member family over, and they were so bold and loving. The work is hastening and I love it. 

On Thursday we received two missionaries in our zone who transferred from Africa! There was an outbreak of a disease that's super dangerous so they evacuated and we received two of them in our zone who were the assistants at the time! So, obviously they are great. But, hearing them talk about their time there and seeing them adjust is so humbling. I'm so grateful for phones and a car and apartments and warm water and a bed!!! I'm never complaining about those things ever again! 

I have seen so many missionaries this week who are trying so hard to be their best. I've learned so many stories of missionaries who are the first in their family, and who don't have much support and were less active but felt a need to return to activity and now they are giving their all because they want to repay the savior, it's so humbling. I pray that we will all give a little more and realize that we are all like Peter. We sometimes look away from the Savior and reach out our hands desperately for his help. And when he pulls us up, we must never leave his side. And go and find others. 

This is what drives me. And I will eternally be grateful for Jesus Christ. I know that he lives.

Be not afraid;Only believe

Elder Stephen Nelson

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