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Monday, March 3, 2014

Transfer Calls!

Transfer calls!! I'm being transferred from the Tampa first ward to
some place else :) I was beginning to think I was just called to the
Tampa Florida First Ward mission :)! Which I was fine with! But...
It's been hard because I'm soooo excited for change and movement and
it's exactly what I need and I'm so ready. But at the same time all
these people have done so much for me. Sacrificed so much for me. But
I learned a valuable lesson. Well more like solidified it. That I am
called here to serve these people. That's why I got so close with
them, I came and I served and I bore testimony and expressed
appreciation. And that's why we became close. Not because we just hung
out and talked and stuff, but because of my calling, and how lucky I
am to be in a ward who is so open and ready for that, but I can feel
The Lord needing me somewhere else. And it's exciting, I'm ready to go
wherever he wants me and I feel very satisfied. My work here is
finished and they are finished with me but man, I will never ever
forget the people I have met.

Elder Nelson's District and Ward Mission Leader

 I feel like I am leaving home again. Ican't even explain my love for them.
My hope is that in each of their
individual lives... They can succeed. They can overcome their
challenges... Wayward children... Hard jobs... No jobs!... Broken
families... Stress! Accepting the atonement. Everyday issues, I just
pray that they continue with what they have shared with me and shown
others and never stop being incredible. They hold a special place in
my heart and will always call it home. I'm so glad The Lord knew me,
and knew I would need a little home away from home to start off my
mission. To learn and to get comfortable so now I can take all of this
and apply it, I'm so excited to see what The Lord wants me to do. And
I will do it. I'll go where he wants me to go.

I really have no idea what missionary work or the mission is like...
Outside of south Tampa so I'll let u know as soon as I know!

But this week... Was incredible! Monday through Wednesday was pretty
empty... Thursday we had another meeting with the Sanchez family! They
accepted a new date of March 15th! And I'm so excited for them! the
mom came to church Sunday! And the daughter is ecstatic about her
baptism! We won't be here but we got to help with their conversion.
And see them grow and accept it! And then Saturday! ( skipping the un
eventful days...) we had a baptism! Sister Snow and Sister Graves had
a baptism and Elder Callister and I spoke and gave a prayer! And then
were the witnesses and Sunday helped with the confirmation! The spirit
at this man's baptism was incredible! He was so converted and ready to
change. He wanted to change.

 Wanted to get rid of everything else and
just change, and he did. Multiple times he was in tears. Because he
knew he was going to make it. Then Marco answered the phone!!! We met
and had lunch with him... He hadn't eaten for a couple of days... So
we helped him. Had a lesson... Committed him to a date and he accepted
all of it. We walked to the church.,, took a tour and in the chapel we
got to stand and sit quietly for a good 10 mins, then bare testimony
of eternal families and the spirit was undeniable... Well he didn't
show at church, but u know what.. it's okay. So many people have done
so much to help. And bro Lewis told me Saturday morning... Hey it's
still worth it... And if he doesn't ever get baptized. It's still
worth it.
Elder Callister and Elder Nelson

I don't know how to put in words how I feel. But I do know where to
contribute all of it. My Heavenly Father whom I love to serve,
forever. I know He lives and miracles and joy await. And the best part
is I've come to know this so early and have the rest of my life to do
something about it, this is all that matters.

Elder Nelson

Be not afraid; only believe

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