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Monday, March 17, 2014

Come join the ranks!

Dear Family,

Last week was crazy but it's settled down a tiny bit. We are
working so hard! My area is amazing! So, Elder Peters is 23 yes! And he
is a beast! We are doing so good! And having so much fun!! All we do
is teach and work with members. Done with street contacting like we
did in Tampa one but it's nice because I can look back and see how
much I grew and I know I can do that too! But here, and with Elder
Peters, who knows exactly the vision President Cusick has, we are
hastening the work!

 We taught 16 lessons last week. Have received over
25 referrals and are tearing it up! It's crazy because I realize how
much time I'm sacrificing too with Zone Leader responsibitiies on top
of the work! But it feels so good and honestly, it helps w the work
because I have the privilege to see what other missionaries are doing
that works and different teaching points and styles that I can steal
and try! Plus, Elder Peters is a veteran! I'm growing so much with how
I do things, ways to teach, and in obedience! It's amazing.

 We work out
hard at the gym every morning,eat a great breakfast ( which he makes)
get into studies ( I'm starting to really take notes and study for
investigators) and then 10 o' clock hits and we are out working!!! In
two weeks we have set two dates... Have 4 progressing investigators
and the members already loved Elder Peters so they trust us and it
makes it easy for them to trust me! It's setting the pace for the rest
of my mission. I am so grateful for how my mission has gone so far so
I can learn from each companion... And learn who I want to be and
appreciate the great moments.

I can say now that miracles are waiting to happen. Obedience
brings blessings and you'll feel great. And I did! But I always felt
like something was missing! I expected more from myself and I think
it's because I felt the hastening that I feel inside of me. I think all
missionaries do, but just like we are asking these people and
investigators to give up their old lives and the comfort of their
habits... For something better... The missionaries are having a hard
time doing that. But there is really a large majority who are ready to
hasten! There are only a few who struggle! There are
Doers who are stepping up! Elder Peters and I wanted to make sure
everyone knew...personally how much we love them and want the best for them and
boy did they exceed our expectations! Last district meeting the
district leader, Elder Smith, gave the best district meeting ever. He
was teaching things that we taught him only a week ago , to the whole
district testifying to them that he knew it would work... And we split
and did role plays of lesson one ( which is in a whole different style
now, which the mission department taught us and President Cusick which is
a whole different topic that is changing missionary work forever... )
and as he did it ( this is Elder Smiths companion, Elder Gentry) he
prayed and asked God for an answer just like the investigator would
and he got an answer and just started crying and got up and hugged
Elder Grant who was teaching... ( btw Elder Grant was my MTC comp and
he is in my zone! I see him often! Also I see Elder Callister every
other week! We are really close! Our investigators in Tampa One the
Sanchez family got baptized! And it was Elder Callister's birthday yesterday! How
cool is that?  and now we are in the same zone!) anyway we came back
together from the role play and Elder Gentry's companion Elder smith...
Who is the district leader... Bore his testimony of the church being
true... And it was so powerful... In tears, he said that we are being
led by a prophet.... Elder Peters and I were so humbled. It's an
incredible thing to see the work hastening!!! And I'm
right in the middle of it! I can't explain it! A lot of things have
happened but I want to share another quick experience!

We recovered a referral from a family that the sisters we replaced
were about to teach, Tom and Rachel. Young couple about to get married
and wanting to know more. Rachel is all in. But Tom was a little
skeptical. Typical young family... Hard upbringing...  But sincere!
Well, we met with them and taught lesson one. And in the new style the
first lesson is split into 3 parts. Each part is a different lesson
and we only leave one commitment. Well, the first commitment is prayer
the second is read and third is church. Well, we were teaching lesson
one and at the end we ask them if God were here right now what
question would you ask him... Hoping to get them to ask well I would
ask him if Joseph really saw God and Jesus Christ. Well... When we
asked Rachel... She said " I would ask him why I didn't know about
this sooner!!" Holy crap... We almost died, then we were, "okay... Well
that's what happens when we pray... We talk to him and ask him
questions and he comes and answers!" And we asked her if she would pray
and ask... Right now! So we all knelt down... And Rachel offered it...
Right before she started she said... " I'm scared!... Okay here I go..."
And just goes into it. And pleads with Heavenly Father to help her and
give her a confirmation that it's true... She said "amen" and we just
paused and waited and listened... We asked her how she felt and she
just starts crying, and says I've never felt so close to god before! I
just... I know that's it's true?!....we freaked out and invited them
to be baptized.  Rachel said I've already made my choice and Tom
said...well I don't want to break the covenant I already made with
God?  How does that work. Rachel! Told him about the priesthood! And
we testified to him of the cleansing power of baptism and he was
like... Stand up guys, give me a hug. Thank you... And they agreed to
be baptized!

So many other things have happened but that's just a glimpse. There
have been other humbling experiences that just show me that people are
being prepared and the members have friends who are! And the work is being
hastened. There is a sense of urgency that we all must feel. And if we
don't... We will miss the opportunity to be a part of this. I know
the Lord leads this work himself. I know he lives, I know President
Cusick was called here for this purpose and is teaching all of us how to
serve The Lord and also to hasten. We are here to hasten not to
maintain. President says, "Either lead, follow, or get out of the way. We
don't have time to wait"!

I know it's true!!

Be not afraid; Only believe

Come join the ranks, There is much to do!

Elder Stephen Nelson

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