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Monday, March 10, 2014

Palm Harbor!

Dear Family and Friends!
 I don't even know where to begin... Seriously.... There
has been so much that has happened in the last week....

I hope I get time to respond to all your emails but if not I read them
all and am so grateful! But this week!!!

 Monday I said goodbye to
everyone from
Tampa one and it was hard... Saying goodbye to
brother Lewis was probably the hardest. I was fine with everyone... I
knew I would see them again and was sure they knew I loved them, but
with brother Lewis... He dropped us off at home Monday night and as I
started to say goodbye It just hit me... And I just cried, he is (
excluding dad ) the greatest man I know. It was so hard and ya...
Anyway. Tuesday morning we packed up in Christian Belisiles truck and
went to Olive Garden met w brother Chapman and Dana and
Madison and
then off to transfers.

 Elder Callister and I were freaking out... We
had no idea what would happens and sooooo many elders were going home!
Time is going by so fast. Well elder Callister and I got called up at
the same time and we are now in the same zone. And in order to
explain... Completely what's going on. I gotta tell you something
crazy. I'm now a zone leader! And yes my companion is Elder Peters who
was just released as assistant! Holy cow. I freaked out. I had gotten
to know both assistants from exchanges and got to see them at church a
lot but I never thought he would be my companion.

Elder Nelson and Elder Peters

 I have a car now!!!
No more biking for a while! And the area i am in is ( so called) the
best area in the mission! Everyone talks about serving in Palm harbor!
Elder Langi served here and so did Elder Peters before! He gets to
again! And he goes home in two transfers! Can you believe that???
Isn't it crazy?? I was freaking out, well we got to our apartment...
Still haven't unpacked and we have just been sooooooo busy! And I'm
stressed out! So much to do and learn and know. I feel like a greenie
again! Elder peters is sooooo experienced. Like in the mission? He is
#1. The best. He's an older missionary so he's like... Michaels age. And
just was Ap. It is the luckiest thing of my life. I'm learning so much
but it's also intimidating for me! Cuz I have to learn a lot of things
from trial by fire. I have a lot of things that I have to learn and
teach at the same time! But it's a great experience and I've never
been more humble, and happier and busier in my life. The people in this
ward are amazing! They are so ready to help and have like 20
referrals waiting that we will follow up and get appointments with the

President Cusick? Is a genius mom. Wish I could explain what
is going on but it's hard through email. We are sooooo far ahead of so
many missions and people. 30 missions have iPads and we are one of
them. We had members of the missionary department come and teach us
how the work will be hastened and told us how to teach people and a
different way of teaching the lessons. And Elder Peters had a plan
from like two weeks ago when he knew he would be coming here. So I am
right in the middle of it. 

There are miracles happening. The Lord is preparing the world... And us for his return.

Time to get to work. Let the world go and hold tight to the rod. There's no room for clutter.

I know it's true.
Our new address is:
 7337 columns circle #101Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Elder Stephen Nelson

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