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Monday, February 24, 2014

It's true isn't it?

So!!! I think this May be my final week in the Tampa First Ward. I can't even put into words how much I love these people... And I can't wait to tell you all the stories and personalities of all these amazing friends and family I have made! But I still have one more week to serve them! 

Tuesday was awesome!!! Sister Belisle had us over and we got hair cuts! And had a bomb digity lunch! And then Christian taught lesson one, the restoration to us! It was cool! Sis Belisle said that was her payoff... For having us over all the time. That she gets to see her son, teaching the gospel truths that she holds so dear. It was really cool. She honestly does sooooo much for us! And! As we were leaving we saw a lady that she was trying to share the gospel with pull up! And she was super friendly! Afterward she texted sis Belisle and said " the next time you have those boys over I wanna be there and help too!!" So she is slowly getting introduced to it! Sis Belisle is a spiritual nuclear bomb and has been praying so hard for missionary opportunities! So that's cool. Then we taught sis brown at her house that evening! We watched the Mormon message "Good things to come" by Elder Holland and she was soooo touched! It was perfect for her! And she cried and said how she knew that there were good things to come! And there were like 7 little black kids at the lesson under the age of nine? Ya... All of them? Perfectly sitting and listening. Sis brown don't take no crap.... "You've heard of the dog whisperer? well I'm the kid whisperer!!! " that's basically her hahahahaha she talks like Madea too ha. For real. So we hadn't heard from Marco in like... Two days, didn't come to church and I was super worried, well he called us and said he just got off work and couldn't get back to where he was sleeping... And he hadn't eaten in two days... My heart. Was. Shattered. So we called bro Lewis and he took us and drove around for about an hour trying to find him... Couldn't but I knew he would be alright. Interesting experience... We said a prayer and asked if He would help us find him... And we didn't... So, I think ( as well as other times lately) Heavenly Father is trying to teach me... Just because you want something... And are praying for it? Doesn't mean He wants it. And the spirit can tell us what to pray... For! Part of humility too! Anyway... Interesting evening. Good day though! 

Wednesday!!! we had district meeting! We were fasting too. We started a fast for our district to hasten the work! And obtain the standard of excellence! And I've kinda received a lot of revelation. In order to have the work hastened... Of course the leaders know it... But somehow it needs to get from them... Down to each missionary, and embedded in their hearts. So I really tried to focus with that during district meeting and as the district leader. That's how you make a mission of Zion. Start with yourself... Then companionship...then district!  So I've been trying so hard to make our district as In line as I possibly can and definitely realized it all starts with yourself. But we had a lesson with the Sanchez family again on Wednesday and it went great! But.... They just weren't on track to meet their date of 1 march... But I think I just really wanted to see them get baptized... So it's ok. We will move their date back and they will be more prepared. 

Thursday! We went out and did visits with the ward and that was cool. Nothing really amazing happened... But it started out as a harder day... And the members were just so enthusiastic and willing to give their love to the people in the ward and especially one of the ones who came was Dana! A recent convert! It was just impressive. 

Friday and Saturday... Were kinda a blur... We spent a lot of those days finding... President has told us to just get out. On the street... And walk! Walk and talk with people! And we have been trying. We just have got to talk to everyone! And gah... It's still hard. But once we get in the habit... And we keep it up. We rock it! It's like lifting weights. If you keep it going and have a good routine you can keep it up... But you stop for a while... You have to get back in... And that first time. Is so hard! And all you get is sore. But it's worth it.

 Elder Callister and I are hitting the point in our mission where all the excitement of beginning has wore off... And we are in the very middle of it. And we must completely immerse ourselves in the work. Or we will be distracted. And I'm grateful we got to do it together, because when I was weak... many times, he was right there to say hey! Let's go! We got work to do! And at times when he needs some help, I'm usually doing good enough to say or do what we need! And I just know The Lord is mindful. Every single thing is either consented or done... By The Lord, I know it. 

Marco didn't come to church this Sunday... Which means he won't be able to get baptized this week... And the Sanchez family have some more learning to do... And I won't be able to witness them getting baptized... And I will probably be transferred next week... And I've hit some emotional bumps... And had miracles and disappointments and ups and downs a lot... But I'm not down. I'm not. I'm not disappointed or dissatisfied... Or sad... I'm honestly happy. Because in every single thing I am learning and receiving an answer to my prayers and the people I'm suppose to meet are progressing and I just have received powerful witnesses that this is where I'm suppose to be. 

The Lord is hastening his work. Bro Lewis is trying so hard and working so hard to do all that The Lord has asked him! We've been trying to get all our meetings organized with the ward missionaries and auxiliaries and it's just starting to fall into place! I know it's real. We have met some incredible people that are being prepared. Marco... Even though he won't be baptized this week. Was prepared... And said he thinks he will do it and serve a mission. And knows every good thing that has happened... Came from Jesus Christ! And when I see him and help him through his life... I realize.... I found out at a very young age what life was about, I figured it out. Where I was going... And why I was here... And how to do it. I'm not perfect but I know how it works... And now. I have my whole life... The rest of my life to endure to end... To serve. And help as many people as I can figure out the same! I can't explain the joy I feel! This is the most important work. The tools we have? The inspiration we've been given! The power behind all if it? It's real. From now til October we will have doubled all our work and go from 2 baptisms per missionary per year to 4 and eventually... 8. That's straight from Elder Perry. And I am so excited that I can play a small part in it. 

My seminary teacher Bro. Mead has a quote... Besides making us say " look unto me in every thought" " doubt not. Fear not." 

But he made us say " it's true isn't it? Then what else matters." 

 Be not afraid;only believe

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