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Monday, February 10, 2014

Help him keep his promise

So, I read the letter and man... WHAT A WEEK! throughout the week I would have a second and look at the clock and try to figure out what elsie and sophia were doing at that time. Elder Callister and I were in the mtc at the same time idk if i told you that so its been fun reminiscing a little :) 

So, my new address for the next couple weeks is 4003 s westshore blvd. apt. 2104 Tampa, Fl 33611 but I will 90% for sure be transferred this next one. March 4th... so ya. Im freaking out, one because Elder Callister and I get along super well, He cracks me up, tell his mom I say hello :) she seems like a great lady! ha! and tell her that I WANT to become a seminary teacher! His dad is in the CES! and ya. Just way cool! 

So, we moved because our apartment was TRASH! it was one bedroom and one bathroom and had been a missionary apartment for at least 6 ish years... could be way more. The furniture in the apt had signitaures from elders dating back to 1998.... ya.... and it was NASTY! I had no idea because i was born there and didnt see anything else! Also President cusick is changing everything. All the apts have to be at least 2 bed 2 bath and ya super nice. so ya... we are still working on our old apt getting it ready to give back... its bad... found a rat... roaches... hair things growing... ya "it's a real fun party" (bryce will know where that quote comes from hahaha ) 

OKAY! so this week!!! we taught 14 lessons! got 6 new investigators and have a baptism date for february 22nd!! IT. was...the BEST WEEK SO FAR! we are working so hard and getting good at it!:) I will tell you about some of the miracles as I try to go through the days :/ ill do my best. Monday we were at the Belisles with the browns! She was so sweet to invite them over!!! I will send you a picture of that night... and it kinda sums up Elder Callisters humor! haha but we talked about and watched the First Vision. So cool to see their progression. Sister Brown gets me talking so funny:) I think im starting to pick up some southern-ness haha. Its pretty dang fun.

Tuesday we helped dana and madison move... ALL DAY!!! IT WAS CRAZY! Bro. Chapman, Elder Callister and I just rode back and forth ALL DAY it was so fun! hahah we were just messing around and moving 5 billion pounds of stuff. But Dana and Madison desperately needed the help. 

Wednesday we had a missionary Leadership Council and Two members of the Missionary Department came and visited. I can't remember both their names but one was the mission president for the San Diego Mission from the District two! Tell Michael and Megan they will know. He started off by saying he is the President who taught Elder Christianson and Elder Murano to teach the Law of Chastity hahahahah they can explain that. Its so funny. Anyway he was SO animated and so interactive and just so great! he gave us some great insight and it just SOLIDIFIED my teaching. Mom... I. LOVE. TEACHING. I love it, and have experienced so many different scenarios of it. I just love it, and want to be a teacher. anyway after that we went and a lady we found from Africa, Jabi. She needs a job and a lot of things, but she is very "green" to Jesus Christ and the gospel. She is really desperate for anything right now, but hopefully we can help her increase her faith. we walked home from that apt and met like 3 new people on the street and taught them a lesson and they accepted return appts and ya.. just a good miracle filled night! 

Thursday was simillar but we just had a bunch of appts. But at the end we had splitz at the church. Bro Lewis coordinates with the ward council to get everyone there for thursday night visits it has been less than par the last many times we've tried it, but bro lewis is a major in the Marine Corps. He does not accept failure. Well, this time? we had a least 15 ppl show up, rather than our usual 3 or 4. It, was... indescribable. It reminded me of High school when I would stand back at the dances that we would throw, decorations, advertising invitations and I would stand back and watch the success and thank the Lord for this miracle... or the "Carry on Assembly", when you put literally your whole heart and soul into something... You have a vision and you know it can happen and you stand back at the end and you can't help but feel the spirit... well, it happened and it wasn't the only time that happened this week. Sunday was like that too. 

Saturday was packed full of miracles. So, Marco the kid who was 18 and from ecuador and lived with his bro and sis? well he was missing for like 3 weeks... we'd text him, call him ,every day and nothing. It broke my heart because the Lord put him in my path and I had the courage to invite and he accepted and HAD A BAP DATE! well finally friday night he texted back and said his phone was off for a long time and his bro and sis kicked him out and he was homeless.. my heart sunk. The Lord allowed me to really love, and I felt it. If it was anyone else, I wouldn't have worked so hard... but this boy, was 18, lost his parents, his two only siblings and family kicked him out... and he had no one... except me and had previously accepted the gospel before getting kicked out. It was not by chance. I just kept putting myself in his shoes, he is my same age... it could be me, but im the one on the mission... im here to do exactly this... help others come to christ and become part of his family. So we worked so hard. We found him a place to stay and saturday morning met with him and he told us everything. My heart just ached and the spirit kept telling me, just do ALL you can. THIS IS WHY YOU ARE HERE. well we were going to get him clothes and some food. we called bro lewis to give us a ride, and when he found out he goes, "no, we're going to target..." brother lewis bought this young man, a jacket, tons of food, toiletrees, and a water bottle, a five guys burger and we had some extra clothes and put it all in an extra back pack and gave it to him. He was so grateful. He is so quiet but I could tell he was so grateful. as we rode away and he was just at the bus stop eating the burger... was like MARCO! remember man, it's only because of Jesus Christ. and I kept thining about that. And I think I finally realized. It is, he is the one. If he didnt live his life, WE WOULD NOT KNOW how to do that! We wouldn't be able to. I would be too selfish. 

Sunday. This is the pay off day. and boy did it all pay off. We had 5 investigators at church and one of them was a father and he brought his whole family! We helped him move the week before and he just was touched by how nice and happy we were and just decided to come!! Marco came! Alicia came!! Miguel a former investiagor but new to us came! the hermanas had 2 there! and it was PACKED! as the meeting was starting... I looked around and saw all the members faithful and becoming faithful. ( there was also a book of mormon cruise stopping in from utah and montana visiting the ward and it FILLED THE SEATS! one of the ladies was the mother of one of the Elders In the mission... and both she and her husband began to cry as they talked with me about him, and as she saw the 10 missionaries that were there that sunday! ) (we only have 8 but the Ap's were visiting that sunday) 

It was a powerful day! and I just could not believe it.

Just to top all of this off... tomorrow at zone conference we are getting our ipads :) hahahahahahha AHHH YEA BABY!! # HastenTheWork!

I know that the Lord Jesus Christ is at the Head of His church. None of this is our work, it's His. And yet, the whole point is to bless us. I know that is true. I know the priesthood is restored and true. I love this work more than anything in the world. 

Let us do ALL we can to help the Lord keep his promise:) 
I love being a missionary.

Be not afriad; Only Believe 

Elder Stephen Nelson

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