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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Week #1 Has it been a week yet?

Subject: Re: Has it been a week yet?

Dear Family! :) SOOOOOOOOO this place is basically zion! haha its incredible! Let me start off with the facts before I get into the GOOD stuff!

 My companions are Elder Grant from Santa Clara (st. George) and Elder Whaley from Rexburg Idaho! They are INCREDIBLE! HA when I get a chance to load some pictures I will!! ha thank you for the pictures but If you could send them in a letter that will be much better than printing them ;/ thats a lot of INK! but its okay! There are two other elders in our district! Elder Black from spanish fork and Elder Huber from Logan! Literally all of them are obedient and love the Lord more than anything in the entire world! I love being with them! Its amazing! There are 6 sisters in the district. Sister Behr from Canada! Sister Howard from Park City, Sister Davis from salt lake, sister rogers from st george (SHE KNOWS ELDER WOOD!) Sister Skeem from Delta and Sister Saxton from.... I dont remember ;/ somewhere is UTah hahaha. It kinda sucks saying... oh ya im from utah too haha but its humbling cuz you can still be a good missionary even if you're from utah! Not to say I dont remind lots of people i lived in cali for a while! ha! I see Elder Frampton EVERY DAY! As well as Elder Pedersen! Its so fun and they are loving it as well!

 Thank you all so much for the letters! Tell amy thank you and I love her! This place... oh my goodness. I cannot explain how much I love it. The first 4 days are literally SOOOOO LONG! but I loved every minute of them and now you kinda get into a routine! But its still amazing. If you just know your part of it all, and love what you're doing, humbling yourself you will have success.

 This entire first week I have been up and down (always trying to look positively but its stll hard sometimes) because I am trying to find the balance between humilty and confidence, without getting cocky or sad... Its honestly very hard. We listened tio a talk by Elder Bednar and He explained something that hit me so hard... We must obtain the character of Christ, to the point to where we have REMOVED ourselves from his work. Being a Representative means you are not here for you, you are here for someone else. And who better to represent then our Precious savior and dear redeemer (ps that song is amazing they sang it sunday night at a devotional and I gained a reassuring testimony of my savior. It was amzing.) By removing ourself from the work, we can know we are only truely happy when the lord is recieving new memebers, or at least those who are ready to listen. So every night thats what I have been praying for! and ohhhh how the Lord answers our prayers. I FEEL LIKE IM ALL OVER THE PLACE AND ITS BECAUSE THE TIME IS TICKING TIL I HAVE TO GET OFF! ANyway.... We can be confident when we teach and search for people because we are not being us, we are being a moutpiece for the savior, there is no reason to worry because its not our message its the saviors!! But its our responsibility to BE worthy for that. worthiness comes from obedience which at the same time will bring humility. As i searched for these things the Lord gave me precious moments of blessing that let me know im on the right path.

 A sister, Sister Rogers, and I were role playing teaching each other and when it was her turn (i had noticed earlier in the daytoo) she kept pausing and kinda taking a breath then conitnuing and I asked are you okay? she responded saying she just didnt feel well, so I asked what it was and she put a hand up saying " YOU DONT WANNA KNOW!) ahaha anyWAY!! I had this overwhelming impression to ask if she wanted a blessing, so immediately following the lesson I asked her If she would want one, and she burst into tears and nodded her head and covered her mouth, and My companions and I blessed her. I said the blessing, and right up until I said her name I was pleading with the lord to humble my heart so I could really feel the spirit to know what to say... and oh how the spirit flowed.... it was amzing. The blessing the lord had for her was absolutely beautiful. And later that day i asked how she was doing., and she responded " GREAT!" oh how great that blessing was. I aslo felt prompted to ask another sister if she would like a blessing, in which she was uring for one of comfort, she was having a hard time and she said she had been thinking but was just afraid to aks :/ my companion blessed her and she is doing very well! The other district of Elders left on monday morning and I then again felt prompted to ak the same thing, and All five of them received blessings from either their own district members or one of us. I got to bless the Zone leader Elder Mobley, he had pretended to not speak and act like a gorialla the first two days that was hilarious. he played football for Heriman. he was huge,. and black...anyways he asked me to bless him and it was amazing. And finally last night I felt prompted to ask another sister if she wanted a blessing to help deal with her ear infection she has, she said yes and before we left to our rooms she asked, and I said that one as well... the spirit was again with me... I CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW BLESSED I AM! I am still trying so hear to remove myself from this work so the lord can flow in me and the blessing that come are... amazing. and the feeligns cannot be described!

 I leave for florida on monday morning at 3:30 my flight is at 7 If I call it will be at about 5? so I will and if anyone is up please answer hahaha. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! AND WILL WRITE A LETTER LATER AS WELL! But just know that this work is far bigger than me. And you. If you truely wish to be a mouthpiece, or a servant of our lord all you have to do is forget yourself, humble ourselves enough to do that, and he will work miracles through you, have faith it will come and it will. absolutely come, for it is by faith that miracles are wrought. Moroni 7:37.
Elder Nelson! 

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  1. I know Elder Mobley he is a really neat person hopefully you will get to know him better he's very well known at my school and everybody loves him.