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Monday, July 22, 2013

Moroni 7:37 It is by Faith that Miracles are wrought

Saka Ha Fe! (Hatian Creole) Tampa Florida, is absolutely amazing! The scenery is beautiful the weather is nice and the humidity feels good actually believe it or not!! HA first off thank you for all the emails, that seriously blows me away, the love and support almost brings me to tears, this week I just felt so much love, I can literally feels your prayers throughout the days!

So just to give a little preface to this week, we have been trying to do three things in this first area.  Elder Langi and I, become best friends with the members, reactivate those who have fallen, and love everyone with selfless service! Those are our goals, each day and week we have numbered goals that measure our success for the mission, but most importantly we try to see if we are doing those things, and at the end of the week, the blessings that come, are incredible.

Last week on tuesday and thursday Elder Langi and I and a trio companionship went to volunteer at the Wheel Chair olympic games at a field right. next to. the Raymond James Football Stadium, (home of the Buccaneers) , ya... Bryce? probably the coolest thing ever. They did shot put, javelin, and discus from their chairs and it was so cool! They take it so seriously and are all injured Veterans! They all had great stories, we did it as a finding tool, and met so many great people! They were great! Elder Langi has no fear and just talks to EVERYONE! I'm slowly learing how to do that, but love it all the same! Thursday was the archery portion...that....was so cool!!! We found some potential investigators from it, but the greatest part was really just meeting these amazing people!! We also did a car wash as a zone on saturday... so this was the craziest story of all.  So we got there and washed the mission cars for the first hour and a half just to make it look like we had a lot of customers ;) ha and as we started to get frustrated a lot of the missionaries were out holding signs, all the sudden they took off running and I was like what is going on???? 5 mins later, all 6 of them were pushing a small car down the street Elder Langi still had his "free car wash" sign up ha, we pushed it all the way into the church parking lot and washed it, it was out of gas, so then we pushed it all the way to the end of the street to the gas station, oh and it was pouring rain!!! haha the woman was SOOOO Greatful!  and promised she would call, everyone was so optimistic and I think because of our desires the lord blessed us! Moments like these fuel the mission, they boost you through the times when your appointments fall through and your investigators tell you not to come by anymore... they are the tender mercies the Lord Gives us. We were EXHAUSTED! Running down the street pushing a car, two of the Elders were in their white shirts, and we were all sweating and soaked, and yet WE WERE ALL SMILING!  

Take every day with a smile! No matter what happens just smile! Whatever you endeavor, whatever the mistake you made today, whatever you are asked to do, or what gets taken from you, smile and know the Lord is in charge. Just don't WORRY about what isn't going right! cuz the Lord is in charge. BE HAPPY! its hard yes, but you'll be happy! thats what makes it worth it! We can "Just be happy" because the Lord has promised us if we just have faith he will handle it, thats a promise!

 Last week we had one investigator come to sacrament meeting and it was great, Madison, she's preparing for baptism and her mother as well, but they were both out of town this week.  As we invited others to come to sacrament we were both skeptical, hoping they would come. Another less active told us she would come, her word is hard to trust since she says yes many times and yet we can barely track her down each week, BUT! as Elder Langi and I remembered this, we said "they said they would be there, so lets trust them" and then we were happy!:) Sunday came around, I was on the stand (i had to give a talk) and boom, she walked in, it almost brought me to tears. But what is even more amazing, is the miracles the Lord gave us with another family. That morning we recieved a call from a less active, she said her mother wants to come to church, so we were like WE WILL COME PICK HER UP! and we did, she walked out of her apartment, with her two grandchildren and got in the car with us and we went to church, her girls went to primary, she came to gospel principles and relief society and said, " I will be here every week." All. Non. members. Now that is a miracle. An unexpected blessing. As I spoke and looked at the people, and said whatever the spirit prompted me to say, my testimony of faith again was strengthened. Earlier that week at zone meeting I was called in the moment to give a five minute talk on....faith. I know this is scattered, but can you feel how MANY BLESSINGS COME WITH THIS?! So just DONT WORRY! Act on your faith! I am so humbled with the miracles that have come, and the strengthened testimony I have received! I still have so much to learn but i know that if we just act on the promises of the scripture D & C 84:85, the spirit will tell us what to say in the moment, if we just act on faith good things will come! :) 

Elder Langi and I each night, talk about our vision, we talk about how much the Lord has blessed us, and we say prayers that mention all the miracles we have recieved. We are so blessed and so lucky, how great is this life. 

I know that these things are true, i know them, and i know that the Lord will never, EVER leave us, he has promised us he won't! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOU SUPPORT! The church is true.

Be not afraid; only believe

Elder Nelson

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