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Friday, June 28, 2013

Dear Family!

     Sooooo....I'm alive! and It's incredible!  My companions are Elder Whaley and Elder Grant.  They're  studs!  Elder Whaley's from Rexburg and looks just like Jordan!  And Elder Whaley is in Jordan's mission!  Elder Grant is a ginger.  but they honestly are incredible, smart and have strong testimonies!  We didn't get to meet our Mission President but he came into our class 10 minutes after we left!  Just missed him, but oh well, I'll get to know him.

    Mom, I am so grateful for you, you packed me with EVERYTHING I could possibly need!  I saw Elder Pedersen and Elder Frampton!  It was so amazing!  I love how much time we have to study it's so nice!  Everyone in my district is going to Florida so we all are close and get along so well!  I love them so much!

     The spirit in this place is everything I could have hoped for!  Anytime you feel overwhelmed or have a challenge or fear it is as if you can just pray and it's gone!  The church is true!  The Book of Mormon is for EVERYONE!  Family, buy a bunch of Book's of Mormon and give em out!  3 Nephi 9:13.  We've been spared.  So we can now spread the gospel!  Could Megan send me the list of things in my blessing?  That would be fantastic!  How blessed we are that we can know Christ loved us and his atonement covers us!  Share it with someone!  Michael and Megan send me a letter and please share what you felt after hearing the same things!  "Christ is the son of God, through his atonement we are saved, we can be happy!" You know, how do you keep the truth and reality of those words burning true in your heart after hearing them so much?

    Bryce!  Will you be able to go to SUU?  I cant wait to hear about all the poor children you wreck there!  Mom, Dad!  I love you! Thank you for teaching me so much!

I love you  So Much!
share the "Good News"

Be not afraid; only believe!
Elder Nelson

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