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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Florida Winters......one day

Dear Family and Friends:

Miracles this week!

Katelyn is getting baptized on Wednesday, she passed her interview, we have dinner and a lesson with her and the young women's president tonight! She has been in the home of pretty much everyone of the members of Ward Council for a lesson. She is on fire! Next week she will be a member. She posted on Facebook this week to everyone that she is going to be baptized next wednesday into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and if anyone wants to come or has any questions about mormons then to just ask her, it was so cool!

One  family we are working with Is struggling to keep reading assignments and Praying about the Restoration. The father just hasn't found the desire to want to be baptized or join. He is a very relaxed man. She is still working toward her baptism. They had us over for dinner, they are very kind but we will see if the father keeps commitments from here on out. We may have to give him some time.

One of the girls we were teaching with a young women told us that she was not sure if it was all true. She is very young still and we think the decision to be baptized was more of an empty desire and kind of a social thing. We explained what the commitment of baptism was and I think she is not ready for that. Which isn't exactly a bad thing. We want to help the church grow. So we will see what happens.

Members are stepping up to the PLATE! We have a family who Elder Spach and I look up to very much. They just graduated from BYU and moved out here for Medical School and he is a Priesthood Leader in the HOME! Picture perfect! they have a little baby too. He is a Ward missionary, Bro. Stewart is his name. He is magnifying his calling. They gave a Book of Mormon to their friends and they accepted it and read some of the verses that were marked before and loved it. Well he went back to follow up and set up an appointment with them for this week! He is a rock star! Everyone should take notes from this family. We will tell you how it goes.

One of the YSA members has been working on her friend and she was asking questions this week and finally he just asked her, do you want to meet with the missionaries and they can answer them? and she said sure! ha, and we messaged her on Facebook and she said she would love to meet with us! it was too good to be true. 

Sunday two families brought people to church. I cannot stressed enough the power of MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK!

I love it so much. 

A missionary came home from Brazil this week in the ward, it was cool to hear him speak and we also had missionary prep for the YM in the ward, they asked us to come and talk about preparing for a mission. I thank Heavenly Father for this ward i am in. I hope I stay here for the remainder of my Mission. We have a YM who comes with us a lot. Will Turner. He studies with us sometimes too. But he got his mission call. Portugal! 

There is a missionary spirit in the Palmetto ward. I hope you take it and magnify it in your ward as well. 

Be not afraid:Only Believe

Elder Nelson

The Young Men of the Palmetto Ward!  
p.s. I forgot! Elder Zwick of the Seventy came this week. Holy Cow he changed my life. He came with a man from the Missionary Department. We talked a lot about the iPads and how important it is that we learn how to use them effectively. The 12 have put a lot of time and concern into them. 

He told us a story when President Hinckly was the Prophet, that they all came to a meeting and President Hinckley starting talking and then started weeping, and finally said " we need to do more for our missionaries." That just really opened my eyes to how many people are concerned, for me. I just felt so important, and blessed to be a part of this work. 

Elder Zwick shared what it was like to have Elder Scott as a mission president and how he had to go into Bolivia and Build a chapel! and how we don't have to do that, but we do have to figure out how to use these iPads.

It was amazing.

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