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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Patten's Cookies

So, There is a family in the ward that I LOVE! their son loves missionary work and they are from Utah and they are soooo nice to us. BUT Sister Patten literally has magical chocolate chip cookies.  

The simple beauties of a mission. The Lord blesses you with Spiritual and Temporal Miracles. Some come in the form of Delicious pastries. Maybe if you guys find someone to baptize ill send some home! 

But, this family also shares the gospel! They along with two other families had Katelyn in their home to teach her a lesson! Its so cool. Every other day we teach her in a different families home! We just take them on the Palmetto Ward tour and teach them and feel the love from them. And they get to feel the spirit and testimony of these people and we get to spend time with the members its a win win! So family… or whoever is reading this. If you would like to help the missionaries, Call them right after this and ask them to come over to teach one of their investigators IN YOUR HOME! This is the most powerful way to help them!

Katelyn - who has had parental permission problems… took the Baptism and Confirmation record home… and got her parents to SIGN IT??? So she is setting a baptism date. Its either Saturday the 28th or March 4th. But can you believe that? She knows so strongly that this is true that she is just going to do it! I can't even tell you the feeling that comes when you are associated with people like her, or a part of miracles like this. But she is doing so well! Thank you for your prayers. I am confident that because of your prayers for her things are working out. Again, I ask you, don't pray for me. IM FINE! pray for these people we are teaching!! they need it and are getting so close to making covenants. 

Kidd Family - Well The wife had an interview with the Bishop on Sunday, and he said she can be Baptized ASAP.  What a miracle! And Her husband is right behind her. They have come twice in a row and Sister Kidd is so committed to establish this gospel in her family its unbelievable! 

Oliva - Olivia is new! but this is how simple it was. Her friend talked to her about the church. She asked some questions, and then said well hey do you want to learn about it? and she said yeah. And she's never been baptized and is now preparing for baptism with our help! Things are looking very promising with her. We will be teaching on Fb a few times this week and a couple times in person so please pray that she will keep going! She is very hungry for truth. 

Those are our top three people, and there are a few others who are close to being taught. 

My absolute favorite thing to do is to speak to the youth and associate with them. Well, the YW President asked us to do the Bishop Youth Fireside. It was awesome, we loved it, and we received some positive reviews too! Elder Spach and I created a powerpoint of pictures of us before our missions doing the things we were involved in, and some mission pictures and shared what we did, what we wish we would have done, some mission stories and answered some of their questions. But, I loved how excited they got. Then we took pictures with a ton of them and they posted them on Insta gram! This is so fun. I am having a blast, The Work of Salvation is the BEST work anyone could ever do.

I hope it is never over for me.

Be not Afriad; Only Believe

Elder Nelson

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