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Monday, February 2, 2015

Looking Up!

Dear Friends and Family,

So, get your notebooks out for people to pray for! 

We need to call down the powers of heaven for some people. The Lord has blessed us with some people to teach and work with! Things are starting to unfold. 

The K family. Bro. Jackson our ward mission leader, ( who by the way, is awesome, picture perfect ) took us to see a family of a Mom who used to be a member, with a nonmember husband and their new born. I see the power of infants now because they were so ready to change! We invited them to learn the lessons and come back to church and start a new path and they were ready! They committed to every Saturday, and ( when we come we come for only 25 mins and leave ) we will show them how easy it is to meet with us a couple times a week! But grateful for that once a week right now. So please, pray for this new family. 

Katelyn - she is pressing forward! we taught her with 3 different members, two of the lessons were in the home of different members. And we are teaching her in the Bishops home tonight. This ward has great desires to help, so I am grateful for someone to teach with them! But Katelyn has made some progress with her family. They are open to the idea to attend one Sacrament meeting, but have not committed yet. She is in Mosiah in the Book of Mormon, and also keeping certain scriptures to help her in times of need. She is also motivating her BF who introduced the gospel to her, to come each week! She participated in all three hours of church and is on fire! Again, please pray for her and her family. What an example for all of us. For us we sometimes choose not to live so motivated by this gospel because we have been so used to the routine. I hope we can see her fire and start one in our hearts. I have made that a goal. 

We have an 11 year old girl who looks promising. A part member family, and the ward has some people they are working with. It is so much more fulfilling and fun to work with members who want to do the work with you. It so great to have members who love missionaries , but it is even better to have members who love missionary work!

Elder Spach was sick a few days this week, but we chugged some Day-quill by day and Ny-quill by night and we didn't have to cancel too many appointments. He really is a dedicated missionary. He is honestly such an easy going, yet rock in the work. Never gets offended and willing to do anything. I could not have asked for a better companion. He would put on a good face in the lesson and then we'd get in the car and he would lay his seat back and just ZONK out! ha. And because of that, it was one of the best weeks thus far.

We should have two or so more investigators this week. Pray that we start baptizing in this ward. They deserve it. Can't wait to hear about the Baptisms happening around you!

Let us all press on

Be not afraid; Only Believe 

Elder Nelson
just a nice sunny day in Florida

just made Mom's Chicken Chili

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