We welcome all to follow along as Elder Nelson shares with us his experiences as a full time missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These are truly they best 2 years FOR his life!

Monday, July 28, 2014

My Life is like my shoes....to be worn out in service.

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was the fastest week of my mission! I slept in my own bed I
think twice maybe three times. It was really fun and we were very
busy, but at the end of the day we are so exhausted! I can honestly
say The Lord is teaching me, and molding me into what he wants me to
be. Which is truly the desire of my heart.

Tuesday - Daren the recent convert who's 18, came out with us to every
lesson!! He's such a beast! He just loves being with the missionaries
and is making plans to serve a mission! It's awesome!! Also elder
Booth gave him the priesthood on Sunday,and he will be baptizing our
investigator Ciera on Tuesday!!

Wednesday - district meeting, then we went on exchanges with the two
other companionships in our ward. I was with Elder Callister, and we
biked.... All... Day... It was so hot and I was not use to it. I've
been a little baby in a car so that was fun, I was very humbled after
that. And in my prayers I thank Heavenly Father for a car haha.
We taught the Mortenson family again, and they came to church! Bro.
Mortenson is doing great. His family are non-members but they've been
to church twice this week and he came to a Melchizedek priesthood
training at the stake center and it went awesome. So, Its so great to
be a part of their conversion.

Thursday - Maria our miracle recent convert is doing so good!!! She's
on fire and very happy still!

Friday - we spent the day with the youth in St. Petersburg. The stake
presidency had me and Elder Booth present a training and do some role
playing to prepare these kids and then they all split up with the
missionaries in our zone and we contacted for 3 hours! Haha it was
awesome. The two I was with were complaining a lot, and sooo scared
but we got talking with people and eventually we met Chris' he has a
kid and we taught him how baptism is a new start for him and he wants
to be baptized! These youth were so excited for a mission!

Saturday- was a baptism for the Clearwater ward sisters, they had
three! It was amazing! and then Elder Callister and I drove down to
his old area and he got to see his investigator get baptized and
the sisters in that ward had a baptism. I felt the Holy Ghost. I loved
it. And it was nice to sit in peace and enjoy the gospel. These
converts were the most converted I've ever met! They stood and
declared to everyone there that they knew Joseph was a prophet and
that this church is true! And there were like 30 other non-members
there! It's really fun to spend time with Elder Callister because, it's just
like chillin with your best friend all the times plus we both love
missionary work! It's great!

Sunday - was a great great day! It was awesome! We set up a ton of
appointments for the week. After church we went to the Johnson home, a
great family and they made plans for two appointments coming up this
week! And they are praying for every investigator of ours by name!
And then to the Welch's and we taught a lesson with them and Breah and
Becky! And then to that priesthood fireside. I learned incredible
knowledge about the priesthood.

This week was exhausting but, I got to give service, feel the spirit,
and it's become just like breathing! Missionary work is just what I
do! I love it! It's just natural I wake up and study and exercise and
pray and go preach and invite and I'm so happy! As we learned what it
means to hold the priesthood of God I realize how grateful I am for a
mission. And I've come up with some conclusions about my life.

1) if I am going to hold the priesthood, I will do so with honor. And
use it the way we should. Which means sacrifice.

"The Melchizedek Priesthood is more than a trust to do what the Lord
would do. It is an invitation to become as He is."
Henry B. Eyring - Act in All Diligence

2) I use to view a mission as me taking time out of my life to serve.
Not true. I have learned that I came out here, in search of my life.
And have found it for the first time. It is no longer a sacrifice.

3) When obedience ceases to become an irritant, you are endowed with
power from on high. And when it ceases to become an irritant, then The
Lord has some clay.

I am grateful for the chance and opportunity to get some one on one
training from God. To be Gods investigator in the morning, to stand
in place of his apostles, and to feel true joy. Instead of the false
temporary pleasures of wasting time, and not really doing much to
improve. I pray that I can continue to learn how to improve, and I'll
do that by finding, teaching, and baptizing. My 3 favorite things.

I am so excited for Ciera to be baptized. She may not quite understand all
that it is. But she will! I know this is true, and will never look

Be not afraid;only believe
Elder Stephen Nelson

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  1. Love to read your son's blog too! So happy they are getting to spend some time together :) Elder Nelson is such a great missionary, always so spiritual!