We welcome all to follow along as Elder Nelson shares with us his experiences as a full time missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These are truly they best 2 years FOR his life!

Monday, July 14, 2014

I stand all amazed

I did get to chat with Elder Nelson for a bit this morning.  We often get to do that.  He expressed his love of the mission and a sadness for the short time he has left.  Before he left he made me promise that I wouldn't count down the days.  I was happy to oblige since I remember all too well what it was like ending my mission and how sad that day was.  I want him to be enthralled with every minute and not worry about how much time he has been there or how much time he has left.  It is truly the best 2 years FOR his life and he is loving every minute of it!  He says he is sad to think that someday it will end!  

Dear Family and Friends,

So, do you ever have those moments when you feel like you've done
absolutely NOTHING and yet Heavenly Father just poured out like a fire
hose of blessings? I felt like that Friday night. In those moments
always I start singing I stand all amazed. My favorite line is
"confused at the grace that so fully he proffers me." Because I truly
am confused. I don't get it! I don't understand! Let me back up and
tell you what all has happened this week!

Sunday - we were asked by our high priest group leader to come over for
lunch after church. He said his mother in law was coming into town and
he thinks she wants to get baptized... Soooo we showed up and
miraculously that just came up?! And she said she felt she wasn't
ready! Elder booth said immediately, OF COURSE YOURE READY!  And then
I said all you have to do is answer 5 questions. And we went through
the questions and she realized how easy it was! Well. long story short
we taught her the lessons in 3 days. Bro Johnson said " clear the
table, let's start the first discussion."

Monday - was a great day! We had a ward fhe in the park and we had a
couple ( a lady in the ward just invited them to church and they
showed up) and this couple wants to learn! They
Loved church and we will begin teaching them!

Tuesday- we continued teaching Maria! She just cruised right along!

Wednesday- Maria had her interview and we met the Mortensen
family, a part member family ,and he accepted the invitation to prepare
to receive the melkizedek priesthood! Our Elders Quorum president is
awesome. Loves missionary work. And then we taught Cathy at the end of
the night. She's preparing to receive a calling.

Thursday- was Maria's baptism! So great. We honestly did nothing? We
showed up and taught the lessons and that's all! Well afterward she
told us how much she appreciated us and loved us and Bro. Johnson
expressed to us how grateful he was. And it was the most humbling

We also received another companionship in our ward. And Elder
Callister is in our ward! So crazy!!! So were so excited about that!

Friday- was so awesome! We had a movie night with the youth... And we
watched Saratov approach! The youth wanted to watch it and pres said
it's for the youth so do what they want! Hahaha so we had root beer
floats and popcorn! It was... A crazy movie! All the missionaries were
just in tears because we saw the families of these two elders and it
was hard! Ha but so inspiring! And after they were released? They
stayed on their mission. It just really hit me hard. And?! There were
probably 60 people total! And more than half were non members!!
Soooooo AWESOME! This ward is the best!!!

Saturday- was Breahs baptism! And I baptized her. It was flawless. The
spirit was there. She invited her non-member friends?? And I was so happy
for her. And grateful I got to do it!
Elder Booth, Elder Nelson, Becky (Breah's Mom) Breah, Bishop Claus, Brother Greer

Breah and her Missionaries!

Sunday- we had two dinners with lessons and set up a full week. These
members and ward leaders really help us so much, could not ask for

The standard of excellence here is to teach twenty lessons a week
and a baptism each month. We are hitting both. But more importantly
the St. Petersburg zone is getting there. And! The mission. I've
learned so much, and am continuing to learn how to be successful in
all things. When we sacrifice, and focus and dedicate ourselves we see

I pray that we all listen to the prophet. Just try somehow this week.
I promise you that if you pray for a missionary experience every day.
You'll see one. Every day. And you will see small and GREAT MIRACLES.
Lost sheep will return to the fold, less active and no-nmembers! Both!

I'm so blessed to serve. Trials are a blessing! Baptisms, lessons,
people who love and care. A family who tells me they love me each
week. People who care what I do and where I am and above all, the love
of the savior. I could not ask for more. I stand all amazed.

I love missionary work. I love being here and I pray it is never over for me.

Be not afraid;only believe.

Elder Stephen Nelson

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