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Monday, May 5, 2014

Time to have more faith


I am excited to tell you what has happened. And I hope that as you
read this the things that have happened will inspire you to join in!
And build your faith! This week I was reminded how much faith I didn't
have, and as soon as I recognized that. I began to build it. And wow.
In the bible dictionary faith is described

- Faith is a principle of action and of power, and by it one can
command the elements, heal the sick, and influence any number of
circumstances when occasion warrants (Jacob 4:4–7). Even more
important, by faith one obtains a remission of sins and eventually can
stand in the presence of God. (Faith) -

Faith gives us power! And it is a literal power! Just like a
generator! If the power source is low the outcome will be low. That
power that literally generates Gods miracles and blessings is our
faith! I was frustrated with myself... Once again. Because I had
desires and goals but my actions and motivation was weak! And I saw
myself give in to the natural man... Just a bunch of little things...
And I was praying and praying and studying to know how to rekindle and
restart repent and have my actions match my desires. And it was
answered on Friday! We had a mission leadership conference in
Bradenton! On Coquina beach! It was pourin' rain so we switched to a

church building but the beach was beautiful!! It rained a ton this

But at that MLC, I received answers and the main one was faith.
President Cusick, in response to me sharing why I was discouraged at
other peoples success at times in my mission when we were struggling,
told me "Elder Nelson you need more faith!" And that hit me. The rest
of the MLC was then filtered with a eye single to the glory of God. He
told us zone leaders and sister training leaders... We have some lofty
goals!! Our expectation for baptisms is 8 in our zone and that's not
even what they really wanna see! They want 12! So he took us to the
brother of Jared in Ether and explained... How The Lord had an
expectation and said he would lead and guide but the bro of Jared had
to find the stones... So he said... Elders and sis... Time to find
some faith. Time to forge some stones. And told us to figure it out. I
was pumped... I feel very confident in The Lord and in our zone! I
want to hasten so deeply and feel that I could learn how to have that
faith. I want that faith!

Monday we had a zone development day... Basically a zone p day! The
Sister Training Leaders and Elder Peters and I trained at the
beginning which was cool... It was really chill. We did more of a
setting of expectations and goals and one set of STLS talked about
studies and the other talked about comp unity and for theirs they had
a few companionships stand behind a table, link arms sit down crawl
under the table... And stand up on the other side... Still linked.
Needless to say Pete and I were first... But then we went and ate food
at this park and the new missionaries and the ones leaving soon bore
testimonies it was good. It was nice just to hang out. President

Cusick has really changed the rules we can't leave our area for
anything so it was good. Good to see a lot of the Elders I love! Me
and Callister got to talk a lot it was good.

Tuesday I was on an exchange with Elder Ware, he is Elder Callisters
companion. He was awesome. A really good kid. He has had a hard life
and a great conversion. I love being able to meet different people! We
set a baptismal date with Cathy!!! She is getting baptized on May
24th! We saw her this morning and she is locked in!!

Wednesday and Thursday were hard... A lot of finding and nothing
coming of it... But we sat down and evaluated what we were doing and
holy cow... I see how importance of planning now! It paid off! It was
our planning and goal setting once we changed that it was so much

better! Friday was when we went MLC and President threw down... I wish
I could explain what he was really like... He is so intense... But I
know he is here to teach me! I want to be like him. So efficient and

diligent! Saturday we taught 5 lessons have a part member family a
mother and daughter the daughter wants to get baptized and is 16!! And
we have two other investigators that came outta no where! And the
recent converts in the ward are getting excited about missionary work!
The work is being hastened! And Sunday! A family in the ward invited
their friends to come over and eat and meet us! And we did! We showed
them" Because of him" video and they were crying!! This family was so
awesome! Then we went and left a prayer with a deaf family in the ward!
That was such a cool experience! I was just so hyped with how Heavenly

Father answered my prayers. The family ( the Clawsons) who invited
their friends over... Is so awesome. They feel and act upon the spirit
of missionary work! 7 daughters! And the dad is a ward missionary and
assistant ward mission leader... They have one daughter on a mission
and another has her call and I am just impressed... First of all to
live here and basically stand alone in Babylon! And to be that
engaged! I am humbled, I believe in this work. I love it. My faith is
growing. I know the savior lives. I hope we can find a way to become
more like him. By keeping his commandments. There are miracles to be

Be not afraid; only believe

Elder Stephen Nelson

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