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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Game Time

Dear Family,

I can't express to you or anyone how I feel with Elder Peters leaving.
He has become my best friend. Michael, I really hope you go to asu and
become friends with him and he stays connected to us. He has changed
my life and become more than just a friend. We not one time had to
sort out a problem or anything! We just laughed... And laughed... And
laughed... And taught and taught and had a good time! He taught me so
much about how to be a man! And how to deal with people and I'm going to
take everything he taught me and it's "game time!" This is the bulk of
my mission and I'm so ready to go. To make a difference. To work hard
and grow and make an impact. I'm so ready. I'm going to miss elder
peters. So much. And I will keep in touch with him. It's difficult when I
think... That we won't ever be this close again. We talked about
everything... Always! We loved to talk and loved to listen! I know how
I will do so many things because of him! I won't wake up to him every
morning like I have been hahaha but it's sad!!!

Elders Nelson and Peters

But I will cherish this time. It's time to work! And he is getting
right to work too! Highlights of this week were with Breah! Our 16
year old most progressing investigator. She is very promising and Elder
Peters and I have really become good teachers together. She had a
baptism date for July! And is very involved in the ward! It's just
a matter of time before she is baptized. On Tuesday we taught the law
of chastity and the word of wisdom which she is very ready to follow
but when we asked her if she had prayed and received an answer she
responded... " I think I did... It feels like when a friend has been
telling you over and over again to do something and then you finally
decide to do it and you knew it was the right thing to do and has been
right in front if you the whole time..." And I asked her if she
believed these things and she said yes. So I asked her... Well... What
are you gonna do about it!? And she said... Well??? I guess get
baptized! It was so cool!
Friends in Palm Harbor

At district meeting our training was about following up! And that's
what we trained about. Progression comes through follow up! We invite
and follow up and get them to speak! And to act! And get ourselves to
speak! And to act! That is where progression comes from! So I'm taking
that on! I'm making a commitment, to work hard. To plan hard. To find
hard. To teach hard! To obey hard! A commitment that I hope you follow
up with me. Cuz I wanna grow!
Friends from the Ward

Cathy is doing great and being fellowshipped into the ward wonderfully!
And we have a new investigator to teach. Cody! He is a friend to
Taylor Cole the baseball player in the pictures. He is such a good
example to us! Married in the temple RM, and doing missionary work. He
invited his friend to come to church and learn from us. Well, we went
to Taylor's baseball game, first of all I love baseball so that was
awesome. Ha. We talked to Cody for a while and he expressed to us his
desires. How he wants more from life, he doesn't want other people to
decide his purpose! He wants to decide!! So we invited him, we told
him this is the next step. He said to us that the next big thing for
him that is his mission is religion and if he ever was to join a church
it would be the Mormon church, because all his buddies in high school
invited him to stuff! And he loved them! So let that be an example!!!
Invite invite invite! And follow up like Taylor ( the pitcher) did!
Invited again!
Friends from the Ward

I'm so excited to take over, and use the atonement, and help the work
hasten. I've sat back and learned so much and these people are
incredible. I can't wait to help them use that for the better! I'll be
receiving my new companion so, Pray that we will be great
together! This is the biggest part of my mission and I'm going to make
it the best! I'm so excited for a fresh start and I hope you are too.
Elder peters told me, and had always told me. Start of fresh! Whenever
you can! You can wake up in he morning and be better! The past doesn't
define you! If you wanna be organized now even though you haven't ever
been organized like me? Do it! Why?? Because you can! We all can! What
was the atonement for? So I'm doing it. Cuz I can! And so should you,
I testify of the reality and power of the atonement. We have all made
the covenant. The blessings are ours. Invite someone today. I know
it's true. Wake up and do something more!

There is much to do! How lucky are we!?

Be not afraid; only believe

Elder Stephen Nelson

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