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Monday, April 14, 2014

New Goals

Well we got transfer calls saturday night, and of course we are
staying here in palm harbor, but we only have six weeks...until elder
peters hops on a plane and goes back to AZ!! Which is sooo weird to
think about...really sad actually... And these next two transfers, we
will be losing like 40 missionaries! It's crazy. Good news though...
Elder Callister is training a new missionary! I'm way excited for him
to do that!

This week, was truly incredible actually. I started the week with some
goals in mind, personally, to make me better, and trying to repent
completely and constantly. And I think it was revelation. I feel
great. There is something special about repentance... Well I guess the
fact that it's real! We can have our very natures changed! Which is
what we need to do! Cut out all the unneeded things and turn into
disciples. And for me, I am realizing what I need to do to truly
become a man. Not just a good missionary, but a man. I have always
tried to be older... Or kinda pretend like I'm more experienced
because I hate beginnings!! Ha, but now I am noticing how young I was,
and the changes I need to make. To be organized, to be clean! And hard
working and able to make sacrifices and mature!!!! Hahaha not a little
18 year old haha. And I've been seeing changes and I will continue to
make them. My studies feel different, I am getting almost double done
what I used to and waking up and getting going is not nearly as hard
as used to be! But, ha it is quite exhausting. I made these goals but
a couple things instigated this change too this week. I'll try to
touch on em as I tell ya about the week!

We went on an exchange tuesday to wednesday and wow. That was such a
humbling experience. The elders I went with were down in Gulfport, the
very bottom of the st Petersburg stake and zone. You can see it very
easily on a map. But they were full bike in the ghetto!!!!!!! But they
were happy, obedient and working hard! They have a lot of work and
they get things done! I was so impressed! Tuesday night when we went
to sleep, at about 3, we heard someone screaming, saying all kinds of
fun words for about an hour. He would yell and yell and yell and then
get in his car and drive around really fast then come back and do it
again.... Pretty soon a lady in the complex came out and screamed at
him and he was like... " who me!????" We were are you kidding me???
Who the heck ELSE would she be talking about!!! " and he was like, no
one is around lady?!? Go away... Ya it was an experience. But those
elders were still happy and worked hard!! I thought a lot after that
exchange. About how lucky I was... And my love for them grew so much.
I wanted so bad for them to see success. And while I was down there
with them, we contacted a media referral of this black lady who was
soooo interested! Especially in knowing where we were before this life
and where we go after. It was so cool.

Wednesday we had a good district meeting, elder peters and I do a
training every week and we try every time to train on something that
affects everyone, they seemed to like it. Elder peters is just so good
at putting a few points and letting the spirit guide... I need to
figure that out...I think I just stress too easily! But it worked.
Then!! Get this.... We went to lunch with president Cusick!? He was
meeting elder peters to talk about something's he wanted help or
advice with before he went home. That was sooo cool! To meet with him
just to talk, and wow. First off I know he loves us and all of the
missionaries, but he is super chill! Way cool and sooooooo smart. I
learned so much from him and took a ton of his suggestions and have
started them! He was talking to elder peters how to manage time,
money, marriage, work. It was such great info. And we were thinking,
President Cusick's job, is to go into business and teach them how to
be 100% all around more efficient and effective, and they pay him
thousands of dollars.... We get it for free. Ya we are so lucky.

Thursday was our miracle day... After teaching Brandon in the morning
and then coming home for lunch I realized we did not have many people
to teach... It was pretty much just him... So I was kinda complaining
about how we need more investigators and the members weren't working
on their friends enough and BLAH BLAH BLAH... Well... Elder peters
goes, dude we have a baptism though!!!??? And I was like... You are
right!! How many people go their whole mission with only one or two
baptisms! And we got one in 6 weeks! And he is solid! It was humbling
and eye opening and completely changed my train of thought. And it was
a family! It was perfect! Well we then went to contact a media
referral we got... Well miracle happened. Her sister was there and we
gave them both priesthood blessings and her sister is so ready for the
gospel!! Cathy, she is awesome. She texted us Saturday night asked
what time church started and to save them seats! And she told us how
she wants to heal from things in her life and ahhhhhhhh!!!! It was so
crazy! I look back and see what The Lord has done for me this week...
And I am so... Grateful.

Friday night we were invited and also approved to go with the clawson
family ( they are sooooo awesome) to see their daughters high school
play!! They did Peter Pan! It was so cool. Took me back to high
school!! Which was pretty much only a year ago! Ha. But it was a
really good play! Their daughter is really good she was Wendy and it
was only her first year of drama. We got to meet sooooo many people.
Half the palm harbor ward was there it seemed like and they all had
their friends and the youth in the play introduced us to a bunch of
people! And everyone who came! Got to see Mormon missionaries! It was
really cool!!! We stuck out like crazy! And we saw all the little
girls looking at us and whispering hahahahaha this old lady told me
and elder peters that we were gorgeous:) that was fun. But ya. That
was great!

We taught Brandon Ledford like 4 times this week... And...... HE WAS
BAPTIZED on Saturday!! :) it was the coolest experience. To see a
young family and couple, join together and help each other and
progress toward something that is saving them! And wow. He is humble
and he totally believes it. We sang I'm trying to be like Jesus...as a
special musical number. Me and elder peters and his wife Kim. It was
interesting, not many people came but the spirit was there and Brandon
said this " the devil was working on me this morning... But after I
went under it was all gone..." Holy cow. What an amazing experience. I
know I am where I need to be. Also... Marco Stevenson got baptized!
Back in Tampa one... He finally did it. Elder Callister and I were so
happy... We were so humbled... The sisters found him and baptized him!
It was awesome.

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