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Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference

Hello family!!

 General conference... Was really really interesting!! A lot of unexpected stuff! I was expecting this big ground shaking session of all missionary work... But it wasn't. It was all about being kind, being happy, being good and standing up for what you believe in?! I was so surprised! At first I was a little disappointed but now I realize it was exactly what I needed. Especially elder bednar and wow... Elder Hollands talk was incredible. Elder packer too!? He looks like he is on his last few conferences... But did you catch his experience... I'm pretty sure elder packer knows Jesus Christ a little better than the average joe!!! Wow! So cool! But I was humbled during conference... I was looking and looking for some specific answers and felt like I didn't get em, but after a lot of prayer and thought... I was missing all the answers and revelation that I needed!!!  Bednars talk about the load???? How happiness is not the absence of the load?? Wow. That is so for me!! Happiness comes through progression toward perfection!!! It was so cool. We also have been working with some less actives and an investigator and they watched conference! We got to watch a session with Brandon who is getting baptized this Saturday!!! And T is the less active... It was so cool to hear excitement in her voice when she told us she got an answer, and the fact that she kept the commitment we left. 

So we have 7 weeks left together!!! Can you believe that? Elder peters is going crazy! But he is determined to squeeze every last bit of missionary work out of him!!! 

At priesthood session I was reminiscing about priesthood session with all of us and grandpa... I was also thinking about how grateful I am that Dad not only took us to priesthood, not only took us to church not just did those things, but he was in it, he payed attention he took notes and applied them. I feel that during the upcoming years when our fath and testimonies are tried sooooo many who are only dipping their toes in the gospel and not embedded in the protecting gospel will fall :/ we have to be completely changed... Our natures changed. Read the definition of repentance in the bible dictionary. It's so interesting. A fresh view of everything... We need to have a complete change. So that's what I'm trying, and we are trying to help members understand that, but we can tell those that are not fully immersed and don't see what is happening. But then there are some like the Belisles!! And the Clawsons( here in palm harbor) and the Smiths and the youth here ( they are amazing!) who have strong desires to do the Lords will and see blessings. I'm particularly impressed with a kid named Logan!! He is bryces age and wow...he has invited his friends so much! And he is excited to go on a mission and at the same time he is standing as a light on his football team!!! Bryce has that opportunity!!! There is also another kid jake who is 15 and he gave his varsity football coach a Book of Mormon!!! How cool is that!! Miracles. Are. Waiting. 

Yes Ballards talk was definately for me too!! But I add my testimony to his!! Follow up is almost harder than the initial invite!! But that's where growth is!!! I can't wait until it starts happening! And it will! What is michaels calling!???

I am growing so much. I am learning how to be a servant.., how to be a man of god.
We recently went to a mission leadership conference with president Cusick, the other zone leaders and the sister training leaders and we watched a conference talk by elder holland... And how peter went back to fishing and repented and that is when he became converted... And I think I've talked about this before, but this week I've been trying to do that, to leave my nets. To leave my childish tendencies, my laziness, my selfishness... Things that's an earthly father, or eternal father... Cannot do. I am trying to repent and change. And I believe it can happen. I believe in the atonement, and if I didn't I wouldn't try it would be way too hard. But I believe in it. I believe god loves all of us. And I believe he can heal us. I believe when I pray he hears it. And we can love him through our obedience. I'm imperfect. But I love AND FOLLOW the savior. I'm so TIRED of people telling me they love Jesus and praise him and accepted him... No. They don't. At least they don't know how... 
Assuming this is somewhere in Palm Harbor

I'm grateful for my knowledge and I will share it with all humble enough to act! He lives!!! 
All of you keep me going through the hard times. I will do my best to return the love. You are gods plan, a family! Thank you for the love. 

Elder Nelson got his birthday packages a little late.
Here he is with a tie he got from a good friend.

Be not afraid; only believe 

Elder Stephen Nelson 

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