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Monday, August 5, 2013

We can't do it without him!

Ah so this week was all about prayer and faith! The Lord will help you become all you need to be. But I just know I can't do it without him! We taught sharing time in primary this past sunday and oh man those kids are crazy but man I learned so much. The gospel is simple and is not based on logic, and dissection of scripture, it's about faith on the simple things and then asking our father if its true! That's all it is. When we want something or need something its because we FEEL imcomplete without it, or we FEEL sad so we want to feel happy, or feel hungry and want to be full. When we feel hungry we don't go studying about why our body responds the way it does when we're lacking food? So why would God make the way to know things are true by going out and dissecting it? well he didn't he just wants us to go find the right food, eat it and then he will answer us by giving that FEELING! our heart is where we will know truth, our brains will help us choose, but our heart is where we can KNOW! As I felt things in myself lacking, and the needs of our investigators or other missionaries lacking, prayer was the answer! Elder Langi and I have been praying for so many things, as a missionary you truly realize how much we really lack. But the Lord will answer in his MARVELOUS WAY! It was a great week and the Lord has answered my prayer. As our investigators are realizie how their prayers are being answered, I know they will see the change! We have a family here, a mother and a daughter, the daughter is being prepared to be baptized and the mother is being reactivated. They pray so much now, and how they have been saved from trials. And in the midst of that, she has been an answer to our prayers. So pray and listen to how you FEEL!

 Just a cool side note, about 40 missionaries went to the Tampa Bay Rays game vs. the Giants and we sang the nat'l anthem! It, was. the. coolest.thing.ever. When I send my SD card home you can see some videos and stuff. I forgot on the actual performance tho, so that sucks. but ya it was so cool, the entire mission came to the actual game and it was so awesome to see my old district from the mtc as well as new missionaries! It was awesome to hear the announcer say, "missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints! and the section where all the missionaries were just LOST THEIR MIND! We felt so small down there, but that was again, another answer to my prayer saying. NO, you are never alone, just these 200 missionaries is a small portion of what you represent.

 We are never alone, He is always with us, and He is the head of this work, and this entire world. How grateful I am to be right with my father, as I live in HIS world. I know these things are true, God loves each of his children and wants to communicate with us. I know it. I love all of you! The church is true in TAMPA! Be Not Afraid; Only Believe. Elder Nelson

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