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Monday, August 12, 2013

D&C 133:37

So, I don't have much time today but, I just wanted to explain something very important! 


Missionary work is taking a huge change, and change that in the words of Robert D. Hales is the equivalent to the restoration of the gospel! Missionary work is now completely through the members! If you have not been to lds.org and looked at hastening the work I invite you to do so! It explains how the finding is now through the members and together with the help of the missionaries we will bring the gospel to every nation kindred tongue and people! We cannot tract anymore because there shouldn't be any time to do so! We need to spend every moment teaching the friends and family of those who are already members of this great church. So we are told by Thomas S. Monson to open our mouths! That's all. If you invite 100 people this week then you have succeeded, if you have invited one person this week. Then you have succeeded in this work. But you MUST open your mouth! AND SHARE IT! We have the truth, the only way back to the loving arms of our Father. We are selfish if we are coasting and just getting by until we can finally enter the gates. That is LUKE warm and He will spew us out. We must be either hot or cold, in or out, and if we are in, then we must OPEN OUR MOUTHS! As missionaries we are trying to qualify for the next level of tools to share and speed this up, but for now we must have people to teach. Your friends, your family, your coworkers. If you are not sure how to do it, ask the missionaries! If you're sure what to say ASK THE MISSIONARIES. If Joseph Smith being called of God to restore the everlasting Gospel and recieve the power and Authority which which save all of us was important enough to listen to and follow, then WE MUST open our mouths!  I know and have a firm testimony that our savior lives and he is ever present in our day to day lives. Through the power of the Holy Ghost we will know its true, and if we truely truely endure to the end we will see our Father and our savior. I know these things are true, and I know this call is immediate and vital! I love all of you so much! And cannot wait to share the miracles that come with this! We have a family that recently called us in desperate need of help, and they know we can help them in all aspects of her life and her grandchildren, she has committed to coming and is believing all we tell her! She is progressing and said she will prepare herself for her first step of faith in baptism on the 31st! So Pray for Roxanne! the miracles have already begun!

Elder Nelson!

Be not afraid; Only believe

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