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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Driving, Cleaning, Moving

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Dear Family and Friends:

So, this week was probably the fastest, most stressful,most  exhausting, busiest weeks.

So, we decided to try to lift the standards of our zone with everything. Using time wisely, cleanliness, diligence, obedience. And President Cusick has expressed his desire to help missionaries give their all and not reach the end of their mission and realize they wasted it. When he said that it really hit me. So I looked at my mission and decided if I don't turn it up, then I will regret it. 

I have not been giving my all. But I chagned that. Then we hit the Road. We hit EVERY SINGLE ELDER IN OUR ZONE! which is 7 companionships! and we scrubbed their bathrooms, tossed every old can of food, and unnecessary item in their apartments, and sat down with them and dropped all non progressing people, identified where they were wasting time, and told them to STEP UP THEIR GAME! WE explained how we all have to leave our boats. We all have to Clean, and have good hygiene. and COOK. Its time to be a man. There are so many, who come out who are kids still. Even I have habits that are just childish. Ironing Shirts, or weak workouts, or studies where they are dozing off. These are those who go home and go back. 

So, we addressed these, gave suggestions and committed them to become the 4th missionary. If they are not the 4 th missionary we ask them if they are willing to become so. This is something I have come to really want. To give everything. I can't see heavenly Father and have Him ask me why I didn't give my all and ask these missionaries to improve! and help them.

Along this road trip of about 400 miles, we met so many diligent hardworking missionaries. It was inspiring.

There were some bathrooms with just mold and dirt in the grout and dish sponges that they have been using for 5 months!! THATS SO GROSS! So yeah we tossed it out. 

We felt like we made a difference, most of them appreciated it, but some probably will go back to the old way.

Something Ive learned, when something becomes your first priority, it gets done. So instead of making excuses, we need to change our desires. We will ALWAYS do what we WANT to do. So with investigators that don't want to read, or LA that don't come to church, or missionaries who don't clean… THEY DONT WANT IT BAD ENOUGH! and its that simple. so thats what we tell them. 

So one of the companionships we met with just wasn't getting it. Great desires, but they could not motivate themselves to change so we asked them, Can you be your best together, here , right now and They said no, so President Moved them. And he asked us to take over the ward. HOLY COW! The Palmetto ward is on fire. Their ward council was very effective, gave first priority to missionary work and just loved having us there! we probably received 10 referrals! Im very excited. And my fav part, they have a ton of youth! yessss. 

We also cover the YSA so we travel a little bit. I gave a talk last sunday and really tried to listen to the spirit and touch someone. Afterward two of our good friends and top missionaries said they invited 3 friends to FHE to meet us! I have a testimony of the spirit.

Another trend I've seen is missionaries who are too casual with the gospel! when people don't show up, or don't read or keep the commitment, and they say "oh its okay…" ITS NOT OKAY! so when missionaries forget to report baptisms, or just waste a day of their mission, ITS NOT OKAY! THIS IS SALVATION! 

So for all of you and us, its not okay to waste a day. I feel the weight and its so important. Im so happy my eyes were opened to this. I am grateful for the friends I have made, but more importantly Im grateful for the leaders, and President Cusick who has helped me realize, WE need change, and Salvation more. Its not a popularity contest, we are here to work. 

So thats what Ive done this week. I really hope you reach out and lift and invite someone today. Not this week, today. There is joy and happiness for you and someone else to be felt. And it all starts with what we decide to do. I have been forever changed by this mission. And thank goodness its not over yet.

We have some great potentials coming up. Monica has not gotten back to us, but we are seeing her tomorrow. She has been coming to church for 8 months and just is not ready to commit. but we will help with that! pray thats she can build her faith. 

Ray, An old investigator who has just been working a ton, He really wants to change, and set his own baptismal date for FEB 7th.

And there will be many more coming along. The Old Elders have a baptism on Wednesday a 17 year old girl. Elizabeth. Its awesome! 

Come join the RANKS!

There is much to do.

Be not Afriad;Only Believe

Elder Stephen Nelson

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