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Monday, June 16, 2014

Everyday Missionaries

Hello everyone from SUNNY Florida :)

 It's absolutely beautiful here...
Unfortunately it's extremely hot too haha. I'm glad I got to
experience the climate here. I love it. But I love the west in the
mountains much more! But a great experience!
I can't even begin to tell you everything I learned this week...
Seriously, I've grown exponentially and I'm so proud and happy. The
Lord and I are on the same page and I'm humbled. Hopefully you can
understand the spirit of the experiences that happened this week as I
try to hit the highlights. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday were
the big days so I will focus on them. Every day there were great
things, but those days were life changing...

Tuesday we went to zone conference and Elder Don R. Clarke was there
from the First Quorum of the Seventy. Holy cow... I prayed and pleaded
with The Lord to prepare my heart for what he said... I wish I would
have more because the things he shared changed my life. But the
underlying principle that made it all possible was to take action!! So
before you continue reading this I want you to decide right now that
you will make a GOAL to change something! Whether it's to make another
visit to invite someone to something... Or as simple as to go to church
for the first time in a log time... And above all. To kneel down and
speak with our Father in Heaven.

Well, since you've made that commitment I'll share with you the main
things I've learned.

First, to set goals!! Before zone conference we had been setting goals and
making plans but they were not very solid, they would fall through and
I would find myself saying what should we do now?? Which in preach my
gospel it specifically says if you are good at planning you won't
say that ha. Well, he really stressed that! Goals determine how you do!
Your plans to achieve those goals decide the miracles that happen!

I asked him in the middle of his training ( as he was talking about
giving your ALL to missionary service which every missionary is dying
to do...) I raised my hand and asked him! How do we do it? How do we
overcome our weakness? Our mortal bodes who get tired and hungry and
bored and mad and sad!? I've had sleepless nights and endless prayers,
tear filled moments on my knees asking him for help. And he said well
you wanna know how I do it? I got married... Haha he said I tell my
companion and she helps me! He actually called me up and taught me
right there in front of everyone, haha it was crazy having a general
authority look into my soul like that... But something was interesting
( major side note..) I know I'm getting better because...i wasn't
afraid or uneasy this time... Usually when they come or even President
Cusick I'm pretty scared or nervous. I wasn't this time!
So, he explains how we are given companions because on our own we would
fail. Two by two is the way we see success. Especially in a marriage!
So, I definitely wrote a lot of things down that I will include in my
marriage. He was so funny, he kissed his wife like 5 times while he
was with us and was making President and Sister Cusick do it too
because they don't ever do that and sister Cusick was soooo
embarrassed ha. But he said we have to be examples of good happy
positive marriages, he just adores his wife, and I am soooo doing
that, treating her like gold. That's probably the best example I've
learned fom the general authorities.
Well, he taught us a ton more but I'll keep going, He came and met with
all the zone leaders and sister training leaders the next day and we
talked a lot about the baptism goals and it's really exciting to see.
Our zone is really improving! We have 16 companionships and we are
expected to get 10 baptisms a month all together. And by the end of
the year the goal is 13 a month and I'm sure that will continue to
increase. So we are constantly going on exchanges and helping these
missionaries see that vision and finding out who they are, and who
they are teaching. It's very fun.

Well Friday... Friday was fantastic...
Friday. Today I wish to explain to everyone PROOF of a risen savior
and the hastening of the work of salvation in his vineyard. I invite
anyone who may be questioning the restoration, the atonement, or any
principle that I know to be true, to read this. I testify of the
Master and His unshakable enduring love for all of his children. Last
night Elder Booth an I planned and we prayed diligently that we could
apply the things that Elder Clarke taught us in our work. And
especially in our planning. We set inspired goals in faith to see
miracles. To the point where we literally had nothing to do for a 3
hour block, And in our prayer we asked God to give us something to do
that will help us achieve our purpose because THAT is the desire of
our hearts. We also prayed that someone would be provided for us to
visit this referral who was a single mother.
Well, pay attention as you read how I know God lives. We woke up and had a
great morning. I was absolutely exhausted. My body was dead and it
took me about 20 minutes to get out the door. But I literally prayed
for him to give me energy knowing he would. And he did. Came home had
a fantastic study! And a great morning! It even rained! I studied
chapter 8 of preach my gospel in hopes to become a better planner.
Well, at 10 o clock we went to teach a lesson with a yw in the ward, on
Facebook! One of her friends who lives in Dubai asked her about the
church and asked questions so she set up a time! And we taught her!
Well, while we did that I started to chat with another girl who I met
briefly who goes to school with the ym and yw and we talked about the
church and I invited her to come and she said she would love it!! So I
was teaching  two online lessons at the same time!! Well, just as the
lesson ended, we get a text from Logan Moleni ( one of the young men
in the ward, he and Jake Hansen are super chill with us, they are stud
football players who love the gospel both Bryce's age).  He said he was
stuck at some ladies house and he was the only guy and she was having
him do a ton of stuff and later he told us he was so worried cuz he
had no idea how to do the stuff she was asking, haha it was funny he
was so happy we showed up.
Well, we got there and did some work then we got a call to give a
blessing to the yw who we taught the lesson with that morning! Her dad
called and said he could not find anyone else to help him! Ha so Logan
drove us there and then Logan goes elders! Can I come on splits with
you guys tonight? Umm hello!? Duh! What a beast! ( Friday night? 16 yr
old who wants to go on splits ha...) So he says he's gonna come pick
us up tonight. Then we drive down to the end of our area it's about 2
o clock now and we stop by Dairy Queen. The Marcuccis ( who invited a
friend of theirs to have us come say a prayer with them, we did that I
think 2 weeks ago you can check that letter) but that lady works there
and she saw us come in and came out and gave us a hug and was so happy
to see us! Then she says she wants to see us Sunday and we set up an
appointment with the Marcuccis and then she says she wants to meet
during the week too!? And SHE GAVE US A DISCOUNT ON BLIZZARDS! by now
we are literally freaking out. To good to be true. It was delicious.
We both had cookie dough :)

The day is just way too perfect. Well we get home and check the mail.
I got a letter from Elsie so I was like okay, cherry on top can't get
better than this. Ha.But here is an important part. We got in and ate
some lunch and we were SO TIRED! We were all out of energy. We had
been to two zone conferences this week and exchanges, slept on the
floor  and waking up early... It wears on you... Well I know it's
small but we coulda both zonked out. But, we went out after we ate.
Cleaned up (which I take pride in! I've become better at cleaning up
after myself I know you don't believe it mom but it's true.) We went
and taught a lesson with sigrid later that day At about 6. We brought
bro Peterson a high priest in the ward. Incredible man who is perfect
for Sigrid. She made up chicken and salad
and German potato salad and ice cream! So delicious and taught about
repentance and she told us the spirit told her not to drink coffee. So
she is progressing. Love that lady!

Logan picks us up for splits and we go visit a referral from a recent
convert. All she said to refer her to us was, hey Gina across the
street could use a prayer? So, we went over and offered and she said no
not right now another time. So we came again! And she said again not a
good time so we asked when is a good time, she said Friday afternoon.
So, naturally we are thinking well she obviously doesn't want us to
come. Well, wrong, be persistent!!!! All missionaries and home teachers!
Whoever! Keep trying! We went in and she talked and talked and told us
everything and we knelt in prayer with her and we asked God to bless
her life and help her and it was beautiful! I was inspired to ask her
about her kids and what she has learned from them and she was in tears
as she told us all that she had learned having a daughter with special
needs! Ah, just a side note at the beginning of my mission I had prayed
to know the language of the spirit and the promptings? I've gotten
better. It comes and I do! Well, we sent her the Mormon message
mountains to climb she will love it no doubt but!!! Get this?!
Remember we prayed to have someone come with us to see Gina? We'll
Logan was there! Miracle #785

Then Logan goes let's go see my friend Gabe he is moving his gma by
himself. So we do, and Logan was gonna wait for a response well, we
just went. They had a beautiful house on a huge acre, loved it. Well
she ended up having a couch she needed to move and we helped and she
loved us and we met Gabes aunt who wants to visit "Logan's church" and
they used to have a weird idea about Mormons but apparently it's
resolved now?!? And Logan was so pumped driving home! He was like
saying how we helped him out so much and he's so glad he came and we
talked about his mission and he is just on fire!!?!? Ha, it was the
best night! Miracle after miracle! Prayers answered! People
everywhere! This was probably the best day of my mission.

Sunday we had so many people come to church, so many of our recent
converts, this part member family, and this other family with two twin
boys we are working with and they loved it! The mom is the sister of a
man in the ward and he is so excited about sharing the gospel. It's
just so exciting!! We went around to a lot of people and set up a ton
of appointments. Elder Clarke was right about goals and planning we
should teach 20 lessons this week! That's the standard of excellence
that Elder Perry set for us. This will be the first time it's happened
to me.

I have tapped into the powers of heaven. It is no longer me trying to
make miracles. I am doing all I can and then watching as The Lord
shows me what he can do. I declare to you that I know that Jesus is
the Christ. The only begotten son and because of him, All of us, Get a
second chance. So, I pray you will use your second chance to invite
someone to take part in their own. There is nothing in this life, that
I love more than being a fisher of men. I know it is true!

A big thank you to Amy Clawson for getting this book for Elder Nelson!
We have great Mom's looking out for our son in Florida! 

Be not afraid;only believe

Elder Stephen Nelson

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