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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nothing Else Matters

A couple cool experiences.... We went on splitz last night and Hawkes and Lloyd are spanish Elders... well I went with Hawkes to the spanish lesson..and participated in my first spanish lesson...man. It was sooooo... cool.... and I loved it. The spirit was sooo STRONG! and I just kept thinking of things to say and TRIED so hard to translate it in my mind. The little I did say sounded so dumb, but after I did say my few little phrases the spirit told me that the message got to this man. at the end I said the prayer in english... and afterwards... miguel goes... "que bonita..." and man... I just felt the spirit so strong. and the phrase every nation kindred tongue and ppl" came to mind. There is nothing that can stop this work and gospel.

Also Elder Kopishke from the Seventy came to our mission and we had a conference with him! He taught a lot about being bold.. that was the biggest thing I got out of it. That the prophets and missionaries in the book of mormon didnt teach and go around the points cuz they were afraid to tell them to stop drinking... no. He loved them enough to teach them what God wanted them to know. To repent and come unto christ. Well we taught a lesson Sunday night and thats what happened... he came asking about a problem and eventually it came to the word of wisdom... and I just was afriad to say it.. Well the member we were with just threw it down. Like hey, you gotta stop smoking drinking, having sex out of marriage, they're sins and god isnt gonna answer your prayers when you are doing that... i was like...woah... but it worked. The spirit took over and it was there. He, was like...ya... we went into agency and how we cant make choices for ourselves with those things and eventually I was like... hey this is what we teach (showed him a baptismal calendar and it has all the lessons on it) and was like, you go through this, we'll ask you to do some stuff, and try out these commandments, and if you do them, and feel good and you find out its true then will you be baptized? and he was like... hesitant...then goes... yeah... and IT WAS SO COOL! cuz the whole time.. it was just all in his court. We were telling him, its all on you. anyway we will keep working with him.
lastly, we have two hawaiian Elders, Elder Nitta and Elder Aloheakia, and they are so musically talented... Well, at the conference they sang a medley of joseph smiths first prayer and a childs prayer.... it was so good, first of all their voices are incredible...but what they did was amazing and changed my life. So they sang a couple verses of Joseph then switched to A childs prayer and sang the verses...then they both sang, again. "Heavenly Father, are you really there...?" and then the music went on a little and got very tender and peaceful and went back into joseph... and then they sang... "suddenly a light decended... brighter far than noon day sun... and that verse...and into... ( and this they sang stronger and more powerful... "Joseph this is my Beloved... hear him oh how sweet the word.." at this moment I felt the arms of something perfect... a literal encircling love around me. and it went from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes... and I sat there in this feeling and could not move... i sat there and in my minds eye... pictured when that event took place. I know. With absolute certainty that Joseph was a prophet. I know its true. Through that I know this gospel is true. AND nothing else matters. Nothing. This work is true. and I look to your example mom, and all others who wish to obey the Lords invitation, and commandment to Hasten the Work. And we must obey.
Be not afriad; Only Believe
Elder Nelson

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