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Monday, September 23, 2013

To the Rescue

First off I love Florida more than anything!! This place is the most beautiful place EVER! The Palm trees and the cool breeze and the BEACH?!?! Its beautiful! I have fallen in love with this paradise! But when i sit back and appreciate being here I realize why i am really here, to plant as many seeds as I possibly can, and then all of a sudden the Lord will allow us to reap a seed that has been nourished.

The week before last we recieved a text from a father of a part member family saying he wanted to meet with us and talk about what he needs to do to be baptized... we were shocked! He wasn't on our minds or in our weekly planning or anything. He told us his desires to help his family and take a stronger, and leadership role in his family. He had been investigating the church for 13 years.. .and now he was ready. So friday night at 6 pm Elder Langi baptized him and on Sunday I was able to confirm him a member. The lord provides these little miracles that just lets us know, " hey don't stop im watching over you, just keep going" and then he opens the heavens and pours out his spirit. Whats even crazier is all week we struggled for ONE appointment!... our ward hasn't completely grasped this "hastening the work", so often we find ourselves seraching for ways to help this work. But the Lord has spoken through our Prophet with a new plan! Called "To the Rescue" a plan to bring back our less active and part member families and from them we will find our best referrals! So that was another miracle! And then the baprtism just overwhlemed us with blessings. He is never quiet, if we jsut stop asking and begin to thank him, the spirit will uncover the tender mercies that happen every day. 

I know this work is true, I am so grateful to be here! Elder LAngi and I are determined to help this ward as much as we can, there are so many special people and there are many who just need an invitiation! I invite all reading this to invite someone. Someone, just invite and watch the Lord work wonders among you! Don't be afraid, just open your mouth!! The savior is coming soon and we need to bring as many of our brothers and sisters to him so they can be prepared. I know this is true. I know this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I need him so dearly. And love him.

Be not Afraid; Only Believe
Elder Nelson

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